10 Interesting Facts About Cell – Most iconic villain in DBZ

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10 Interesting Facts About Cell

10 Interesting Facts About Cell

For such an iconic villain in the Dragon Ball franchise it’s pretty interesting to note that he originally wasn’t even supposed to exist and the only reason that cel does exist is thanks to Toriyama’s former editor. When the Android Saga first began the idea of Cell was completely non-existent and Android 19 and Android 20 were supposed to be the main villains of that saga and of the future sagas to come, however Torishima was not a fan of androids 19 and 20 at all and made it a point to express his dissatisfaction to Toriyama. After Toriyama and Torishima had a little conversation, Android 17 and Android 18 were created to take the place of Android 19 and Android 20 as the main villains of the upcoming sagas, but once again Torishima was not a fan of these two either calling them a couple of brats among other things so finally Toriyama decided to create Cell which finally earned Torishima seal of approval.

If it wasn’t for complaints by Torishima one of the most iconic anime villains and my personal favorite from Dragon Ball Z would have never existed and Android 17 and 18 never would have existed either.

Believe it or not when it comes to Cell the editorial complaints didn’t stop with Torishima because Toriyama’s current editor at the time Yukondo may not have had a vocal opinion about the other androids but he did have a few problems with Cell himself. Originally Cell wasn’t supposed to be able to transform but Yukondo was not a big fan of Cell’s first form, thinking it’s insect-like appearance was very ugly so because of that cell was given the ability to transform and after that Toriyama kind of sped up the process of Cell’s transformation to his second form.
Now if you recall Cell wasn’t on his second form for very long time at all and the reason for this is because Yukondo thought that Cell’s second form was just goofy-looking and wanted Toriyama to get to Cell’s perfect form as soon as possible which he did shortly after. Although originally self second form was supposed to play a much bigger role in the story before he finally transformed into his perfect form.

10 Interesting Facts About Cell – Most iconic villain in DBZ

Later on due to Yukondo disliking the second form Toriyama was forced to transform Cell yet again quicker than he wanted to and honestly I kind of feel bad for Toriyama in this case because self second form is actually Toriyama’s favorite android and it really sucks that he had to cast him aside so quickly.

Toriyama really disliked drawing Cell which could be one of the reasons that Cell never ended up returning like numerous other villains but the reason Toriyama didn’t like drawing Cell very much was due to the little black spots that are all over his body in all three forms to keep the character design of Cell consistent he had to make sure that each of these spots were in the correct spot every single time that he drew Cell which Toriyama claimed was very tough and tedious to do.

Final Cell Concept

Final Cell Concept

When it came to the conception it looks like Toriyama had a general idea in mind but he wasn’t 100% sure what he was looking. What we can see in the concept art of what would become Cell. We can definitely see some things that are present in Cell’s final designs and forms but we can also see a few things that never made it over to any of Cell forms. For instance some of these concepts do not have any of those black spots Toriyama hated drawing so much that maybe at first he wasn’t planning on adding them or was just considering it or the black spots were planned all along and he just didn’t include them in every concept.

You can also see in a few of these concepts that Cell’s head was going to be shaped differently. Some designs are much more rounded without those points and some of them even show his head being completely flat looking, and if there’s also one concept over there where Cell could have had hair, maybe originally because cell contained DNA within his body, he could have possibly became a super saiyan man. That would have been weird anyway it’s just always really cool to see what these characters could have become.

Cell ended up killing Future Trunks twice in one way or another. The first time was in the future when Cell killed Trunks and stole his time machine which was of course in a separate timeline and then the second time was when Cell killed Trunks during the cell games, but what I find most interesting about this is that Trunks ended up killing Cell twice as well Trunks and Krillin killed Cell while he was still in his larva stages and what I’ll call the main timeline, and then Trunks went back to his own timeline and killed the self from that timeline as well, so I guess what goes around comes around.

A lot of people like to point out that Cell has a similar personality to those whose DNA he has within him. Mainly how each of Cell forms maintain a specific trail reminiscent of different characters whose DNA he has within him. For instance imperfect Cell is sneaky and intelligent like Piccolo. His semi perfect form is very arrogant like Vegeta and his perfect form is very laid-back and has a little obsession with fighting people like Goku and so on.
In an interview with Toriyama he hinted at the fact that Cell’s way of taking over the world with fear and treating it like a game, could be because of King Piccolo who did things in a similar manner. This would make sense because Piccolo is the offspring or reincarnation of King piccolo depending on how you want to look at it and therefore King Piccolo cells would be in Piccolo himself and because Piccolo’s DNA is in Cell that would mean that the influence of King Piccolo could very well be the reason why Cell made things the way he did.

Although Cell changed quite a bit in appearance through each of these transformations. There was one specific spot on Cell that remained the same appearance-wise in each transformation which was that black shape in the center of his chest which is present and identical in each of his adult transformations and this could be the result of Frieza DNA, because Frieza just happened to also have a similar shape in the center of his chest that remained the same through each of his different transformations as well.

Both the anime and the manga, Cell creates a total of seven Cell juniors but then in the anime Gohan is seen killing a total of eight Cell juniors even though there were only seven of them created. In addition to that there are is also a few other anime only occurrences involving the Cell juniors. for instance in the anime Cell basically said that each of the Cell juniors are just as powerful as himself except they aren’t as durable. This statment was never said in the manga and the Cell juniors also used the try beam attack in the anime which shouldn’t be possible because not only Cell never used this attack himself but Cell didn’t even have Tien cells in his body. However Cell apparently did have Tien cells in his body in the anime which never occurred in the manga.

Back in 2004 a character popularity poll was held for the upcoming book Dragon Ball Forever and in this popularity poll Cell was ranked the 14th most popular character in the entire series and if that’s not interesting enough for you, Cell is approximately 7 feet tall or 213 centimeters tall while in his perfect form.

10 Interesting Facts About Cell – The Plot Hole

There’s actually a pretty big plot hole regarding Cell in the manga and the Japanese anime. In this 10 Interesting Facts About Cell we talk bout the infamous Plot Hole. In the manga after Cell self destructs he regenerates his entire body and explains how he was able to do so, which was due to a small lump of cells that resides inside his head. Cell explains that as long as this lump isn’t destroyed he is able to continuously regenerate any part of his body and fortunately for this lump was not destroyed when he self destructed. The plot hole regarding this lump brings us back a few chapters to when cel was fighting Goku there was one instance where Goku used a full power kamehameha to completely blow off the top section of Cell’s body with his entire head included, so because his head was completely blown off, Cel shouldn’t have been able to regenerate because if he head was completely destroyed that lump should have also been destroyed and when he did regenerate he did so from the remaining parts of his body instead of regenerating an entirely new body from the lump like he did after self-destructing.

We have a plot hole this plot hole was also fixed in the English anime when Cell explained that every cell in his body is a life of its own and as long as one cell remains he could regenerate his whole body. Once again this makes a lot more sense if you ask me and in Dragon Ball Z Kai the part where Cell’s head was blown off the first time was just removed completely.

Thank you entirely watching 10 Interesting Facts About Cell you Didn’t Know About.


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I wish cell would come back.

Alan Lavastida says:

Yet no comment about Obelisk

Sub2ero9 says:

bro i love your intro

Miracle sims says:

I wish cell got brought back as much as frieza did

ßrαvo Da2 says:

Make a video about Trunks ,10 Things you didnt know about trunks , pls , your so good in making facts

dragon slayer says:

Why do you sound like a robot

thetruesaiyanking says:

piccolo is one of several offspring from king piccolo as seen in the original dragon ball

No one says:

Cell can be a super Saiyan, we just can't see because he has no hair.

Proof is the golden aura he gets when he powers up.

BigCantbeSTOP 2k says:

What kind of intro is Dat

JullianneJackson says:

but if you cut off cells arm, and any of his cells can totally regenerate his body… would cell regenerate his arm and then his arm regenerate an entirely new body? then theres 2 cells ego have that much power?

Najay Lothery says:

do top 10 facts you didnt know about tien or kid trunks

VT 24 says:

Special shoutout to the Red Ribbon Army for making this video possible

Kamjiou says:

It would be neat if cell secured an egg which contained himself (like with king piccolo) and revive in later db shows.

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Cell is my fav dbz enemy

Reply to me with your fav dbz enemy

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Some things you didn't tell

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Christopher Sanchez says:

Actually one plothole of Cell Jr. knowing Tri-Beam can be filled

For if Cell in anime didn’t have Tien’s Cells he’ll still learn it via Saiyan Mimicry when he watched Tien performed it on him
It also explains why he knew Instant Transmission as he watched Goku Saiyan Mimicry allowed him to copy it

Also another explanation of Cell surviving can be linked to Frieza

Frieza’s Race seems to be resilient

In Super/ Resurrection F even after coming back as pieces Frieza lived long enough to be fully healed

It can be suggested even after being bisected by Trunks, Frieza was still alive at least until being blown to ashes

Therefore in Cell’s case, the Frieza resilience strengthened the Namekian regeneration making him able to survive as much as Majin Buu would as long as one Cell survives

As for Cell Jrs, the reason why they can’t regenerate is because Namekian regeneration is skill that gets improved with use. At beginning Cell had little idea he can regenerate and had to be careful in even having limbs being taken

But as time went on his ability improved and adapted

The Cell Jrs were new, had the lived they might have been able to regenerate or even become full
Adult Clones of Cell

coit105 says:

I've been thinking recently: when Cell spit out eighteen, it could have been Piccolo's cells that made him do it, as spitting out offspring is a Namekian practice. In which case, the eighteen that popped out, could have been a different eighteen than the one that went in.

Just a thought.

Tyler H says:

What dat intro do

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