10 Things You Missed In Dragon Ball Z

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10 Things You Probably Missed in Dragon Ball Z
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10 Things You Missed in Dragon Ball Z:
1) Saiyans supress their emotions, but thats what make them go super saiyan
1.5/HR: Goku’s Japanese voice actor is a 78 year-old woman “Goku gets around in America. He was voiced by a dozen different voice actors before settling on the gold standard Sean Schemmel. But in Japan, Goku has had the same voice since the very beginning, even when he was depicted as a child. Masako Nozawa has played Goku for 30 years, and she shows no signs of stopping.
2) Goku only ever kills two bad guys Babidiís minion Yakon, and Kid Buu. Even Buu is kind of an iffy one, since hes technically reincarnated as Uub. Frieza gets a shot reflected back,
the androids werent people, cell regenerates/kills himself and then is finished by gohan. Evenbuu does get reincarnated
3) Krillin the most skilled human on the planet According to Dorkly, Whereas Goku and Vegeta got nice power boosts after every battle because they were born Saiyans, Krillin had to learn to survive in a world that outclassed him by miles.
4) Vegeta can go SSj3 – reaches God-level in Resurrection ëFí
and Dragon Ball Super and Super Saiyan 4 in Dragon Ball GT, it is apparent that he can hit it, he just doesn’t because it is a very draining form
5) Every saiyan is based off of a vegetable – kakarot, radditz, broly, vegeta
6) Frieza v Goku was meant to be the final fight, but due to it being so popular they dragged it out. makes sense because of power levels and stuff.
7) Different Intros based on region
Canadian: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAOCnSKz-x8
American: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9kN0pct-Q8
French: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZ1NcxAZUYk
8) Goku has never beaten Vegeta. First time Vegeta turned into an ape, second time goku obviously lost
whether intentional or not, it still happened.
9) Super Saiyan was invented to make comics easier to draw
10) Vegeta actually retained his majin abilities after he died

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andrew daniels says:

Goku also killed raccoom

The Last Kingdom says:

don't even mention the intro music…. no… don't….

Darkmemgod says:

5:05 song?

PoonDestruction says:

I respectfully disagree with #6… the actual intention was to end with the Cell Saga and Gohan's victory to symbolize the progression and importance of the next generation. But writers realized everyone was still dickriding Son Gokart, so they made the Buu Saga, SSJ3, and finished with the almighty Spirit Bomb.

Andre Riddick says:

He kills often im Dragon Ball

jaci beag says:

Ive also always thought that not having a tail also helps in becoming a saiyan, and tbays why goten and trunks went SS so fast

Zobby Car says:

nooo can't believe Goku is a killer ;-;

Omer Ayub says:

Goku killed recoome as well

Rick Harrison says:

The Goku/Frieza fight was the longest in DBZ? Um no, remember the Buu fight? That shit was long as hell.

James Abbakiss says:

Once the guy started telling lies I disliked and clicked off the video.

ZIM, Human Of E-arth says:

“ Majin Dabura “
Excuse me? Say that again.
“ Majin Dabura “
N o

Jessica Lizalde says:

#6 is WRONG. The Frieza saga was NEVER supposed to be the end. Just like the CELL sage. It was NEVER meant to be the end of it. It’s all been debunked. Vegeta has been confirmed to NEVER be able to go 3. Gt is non cannon so it doesn’t matter. Basically SS then SS2 the. SSGSS and lastly SSGSSE súper sayin god super Saiyan Evolution. Goku has killed MANY people. The WHOLE red ribbon army fell to his hands. You need to see Geekdom101 my friend

Papa Smurf says:

Goku killed broly

somi farasi says:

Did anyone realize that uub is the backward of buu

Chef TJ says:

i like how back then ssj1 was evenly matched with the strongest thing in the universe and now if goku uses ssj1 hell get his ass kicked

Stefan Lee says:

Isn’t Trunks a male version of his mum’s name or just swimming trunks? His mum name means female gym shorts so he’s not named after a vegetable

Jesus Munoz says:

Did he just call us nerds at the end of his video?? O no you didn't lol

DrKappaKun says:

I always wondered, what will happen if Nappa goes SS1? His head will become more shinny?

JJEDI1990 L says:

? Can u buy dbz seasons with funimations version of sound like the music playing when goku turns ssj3 first time I love that it’s awesome if anyone reads this pls let me know

D2o40 Akz says:

Nobody missed no. 5

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