5 Things I Love & Hate about Dragon Ball FighterZ

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There’s a Ton to Love about Dragon Ball FighterZ, but the Game is not without its Flaws. So I wanted to Share 5 Things that I Love & Hate about Dragon Ball FighterZ! Please Post what You Love or Hate in the Comments 😀
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TrueUnderDawgGaming says:

Wow!! Can this Video reach 1,300 Likes??
Nappa is Godlike Now – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCzd-_TCuQY

Top 5 Characters in FighterZ – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gO9y5F3jwl0
What do You Love or Hate about Dragon Ball FighterZ?

Ranking Every DLC Fighter – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFb7qwaZyLk
Getting Bodied by Goku Blue – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ES1QtGDZoXs

Fighting a Pink Smurf Account – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QjuBE_ScU4&t=26s

Making Bardock Players RAGE – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1V0oTs45-1g&t=614s

orange kiddo24 says:

People who only spam ki attacks and do the same one combo are the ones I really hate

PumpkinFox says:

I wish Bardock was lower tier, so I would feel less guilty for playing him cause I legitimately love the dude.

Nards_Dangle says:

Agreed with everything except for nerfing characters. There will always be top tier characters in fighting games even if you nerf the top 5 there will still be great characters that will take their place. They should just leave the top tiers alone and buff the hell out of the rest of the cast.

ItsYaBoii says:

Really liked your recommendations for next season those are things that should definitely be implemented in the gsme

Lampsundae says:

All they need to do is make the game nearly perfect is not make auto combos move you 10 miles forward, and make vanish totally even on block.

Wade Rutherford says:

eh just give auto combos manual direction

acewt timer says:

About that vanish, it’s not just that it costs one bar, but without a hit confirm you can’t get anything off of it without an assist.

If it were negative, even unpublishable on block, there would be no offensive pressure benefit to having the ability besides the cross-up and killing low characters in the first place.

Lord Of Slugs says:

Having to guard/block correctly holding down and back. Shits frustrating And makes it harder to defend you even have to hold down even in the air from a falling recovery . And I also hate bardock with passion

Chaos Oblivion says:

Why don't you just 2h the vanish?

Red Shadow says:

I hate auto combos and I almost outright don’t use them the only time I use them when i try to make someone block

Da'Bryn Santiago says:

Bro I scream when I see someone playing insane defense and they tech a dragon rush i.e. goichi vs Leffen

Caleb Maurice Gonsalves Porras says:

I hate this video, diieeee!!!! It"s horrible, you've goy nothing else to do

fireflocs says:

Blocked vanish should be neutral, not negative, and not positive. Raw vanishes can't start combos, so they're really panic buttons for escaping set-ups you don't want to be a part of. And it should give you that. Trade a bar to get out of a bad situation. That's good.
It's just that it should get you out and that's it. It shouldn't let you steal a turn on top of that, but nor should a blocked (not punished!) vanish still leave you in a bad situation.

Seath says:

Your autocombo argument is a bit… weird. It does make sense to complain about autocorrecting with autcombos, but it also doesn't make much sense to complain that there's no consistency with each auto combo's properties (ie, frieza fullscreen grab, cell forward momentum, etc). These are unique aspects granted to each character, and I'd argue that this adds to balance for the game. Some characters autocombos add a throw if they whiff, some get an overhead, some get forward momentum, etc. This seems more like a good thing rather than something that is considered "overpowered", as you described.
Your overhead/6m disagreement is kinda silly. 6m is one of the slowest, reactable buttons in the game that aren't H's or slow startup normals (2m with Hit for example). The points you made also have some major flows. 1. Most people cover 6m with an assist to keep the siutation plus. 2 Higherlevel players usually don't just whilly nhilly throw out 6m in strings, as it's both reactable with a dps, lvl3, reflect, or even punishable on reaction with certain buttons. 3. Not every fighting game has overheads that make you lose your turn. A majority have them slighty neg, sure, but a lot of them keep things neutral or you can't really press an advantage after blocking an overhead. The whole point of slower overheads are that they are risk/reward for resetting block pressure by trying to open up your opponent. 4. Keep in mind that most mixups in this game are WAYYYYY more dirty than throwing out 6m, and you're still subjected to sit there and block most of the time even after blocking then. IE; Gotenks ghost Oki w/assists up, Bardock lvl 3 oki w/assist up, etc. These scenarios force you to block 2-3 mixups and are way harder to see coming vs 6m, so making 6m negative on block seems overzealous when the game kinda hates the aspect of blocking to begin with.
And finally, your character balance argument, albeit, is heavily opinion based, is also something you will never see fixed. Straight up, no fighting game is universally or even heavily universally balanced. Theres always a top 3, top 5, or top 8 character list that dictates the meta of the game. That's how it is. It's hard to balance out a roster. Not saying we shouldn't see buffs or nerfs. I definitely think the issue with certain characters (namely 16 and gotenks) is that they offer so much utility that no other characters offer. 16 has arguably the most reliably consistent assist in the game that isn't a beam, and he's already a strong character on his own. Gotenks has oki in layers that no other character gets by just using 1 bar of meter, and has moves that are plus on block that work in true blockstrings. However, like many fighting games, if characters get buffed to keep up with these, while others get nerfed, you're basically just going to shift who's the strongest characters. Bardock will be replaced by whomever they tune up, and vice versa.

J. Lucas says:

15:07 I guess they never miss, huh ?

Unlucky Sempai says:

"Defense is so hype, I love watching dogura block stuff"
shows footage of dogura very much not blocking stuff

Akarsh Adithya says:

Beerus needs lot of love, he is god in anime but trash in game? And adult gohan is average in anime but Top teir in game(p.s nothing against adult gohan he is one of my fav character in anime and game)

Rough Divide says:

The autocorrect on auto combos needs to be removed, no question. Same with vanish being block positive. That is cheap as shit.

Sk1ll3s says:

I disagree with everything you said in your video.

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