All Goku’s Forms and Transformations – Dragon Ball FighterZ Mod

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Glenda Hanna says:

1:49 who else saw the eye lag?

Jonas Tube says:


Jason Pines Z says:

Minute 2:11 is wonderful

Elisha4508 says:

*Super Saiyan Simpson

John Rhys Valentino says:

Super sayian 4 is better like I like the hair

Kraveirao 06 says:

Sugestion Goku Dameged

ShadowZero says:

This game is still Lame, Xenoverse 2 is still better.

MIN RocKo says:


Harjinderpal Kang says:

3:52 Rip Jirens Nuts

Prelaks Super says:

jiren got a big dick…like if you agreed with me

パシフィック・オーシャン says:


Shiny 157 says:

Ui+kaioken wtf

Lyserg1260 says:

4:32 why is Baby Vegeta so small???

ゴリラクラッシャーチカラアバレ〔しかもドラミングもできる〕 says:


Kurt 16 says:

Why does dragonball fighterZ looks like a GBA game

紅城大我 says:

It's an interesting remodeling

Bradley says:

3:52 "See that? Thats a penis."

Eduardo Arroyo says:

I like ssj 2

Rhiame Guiamadel says:

Can I asking what the next dragon ball super common place

409gmoney says:

FACTS!! Fight me cause I want all the smoke!

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