All Goku’s Modded Outfits – Dragon Ball FighterZ Mods

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Dylan Torres says:

Wia the yadrat custom is really god make

King Doge says:


Flumpy says:

The weightless clothing outfit looks really good! Seems like people are finally getting used to modding this game and making it look good

Dank Wazowski says:

4:34 the face you make after nutting during no nut November

Mr. Vulcanizer says:

Base Goku should have the “My name is Goku and I’m from Earth” line as a reference or a homage to the Raging Blast games since that’s all he says.

MSZ •Corp. says:

My favourite is the first one

CyberTiger 45 says:

The developers said that trying to create an outfit in this ahem would be like creating a whole new character model

But if they hired some of these modders and gave them a good budget then problem solved honestly, some may even work for free

Vegeta Higurashi says:

Planet Namek exploration theme, have not heard that one in a long while

cat says:

That’s some big feet

Javier Caballero says:

El unico que estubo bueno fue el de goku inicio el primer goku

Joel Chin-Sue says:

Holy lack of cel-shading.

Deku Boom says:

Goku without the shoes looks like a street Fighter

Welp here ya go says:

There needs to be a mod where goku only says "it's me goku!" Any time he talks

MiraiTrunks 10 says:

1:32 el autógrafo de Whis está alrevéz.

Benoit Clément says:

Man, these are so good
Makes me think how much they should include skins in the game

Thomas Drew says:

To this day I still don’t understand why his Whis gi isn’t in this game…….

Tio_V1NN1 says:


Fabian Gonzalez says:

That yardrat Goku has to become a thing!!!!

Shader Fight says:

Mod de fu en……….quisas en N17

EnderReaperKing says:

2:12 no mouth

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