All Vegeta’s Forms and Transformations – Dragon Ball FighterZ Mods

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Goku Black says:

2:50 Goku is crying like a baby LOL!

xScannorx says:


Kelly Linton says:

Vaegeta can go ssh god I'm not kidding

Tablet Familia says:

But broly is Most stronger that vegeta ssg

Glenda Hanna says:

thanks dude

eto sa gls says:

Vegeta blue is the nember one

D1N0 ALG says:

The shit jap audio ruined it

CodeOmega says:

All looks great except Ssj3 it looks weird to me

The strongest Ssj4 says:

I honestly don't like db fighterz's mods cause they're just re-skins or remodels of the original model

Robert Harris says:

I wish ssj4 Goku and Vegeta was in the game instead of their base forms smh.😢

goku- blaxk says:

The majin vegeta one is actually pretty good

cenker sezer says:

1:36 Ultra İnstinct Blue Vegeta:)

ban the undead says:

do a android tournament

ZekromPlayer says:

I don't get it, is he super vegeta or number one?

Antonio Rush says:

Never went ssj3


How does Vegeta SSBE do same thing what Kiaoken Goku did against hit Kamehameha 1 punch
Final Flash 1 punch

Super Gt Z says:

1:43 why jiren has a pen!$

Nemix says:

This remindy me i have to remake ssj3 vegeta

Jesus Briseno says:

3:41 is lol

godkuriza says:

So epic vegeta ssg amazing😎😎😎😎

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