Android 21 Evil Transformation Scene – Dragon Ball FighterZ

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Android 21 Evil Transformation Scene - Dragon Ball FighterZ

Android 21 Evil Transformation Scene – Dragon Ball FighterZ

Android 21 Evil Transformation Scene – Dragon Ball FighterZ

After Android 21 managed to unlock a lot of 18’s power Cell finally found the 16, 17, 18 and 21 androids. Cell knows pretty well everything about the interesting information about Android 21 is responsible for all this. Even with the fact that she has no memory of that time. Traces o her creation still remain. Cell just can’t believe it.

“I’m not really in the mood for jokes today. I’ll just have to force you. Feel the power.” Exclaimed Cell.

Cell ultimate power is linked with an artifical soul.

Why his link ratio is increasing. I have regained my true power. Power plan created for destroying.

Android 21 Evil Transformation Scene – Dragon Ball FighterZ

The true form of Android 21 is beyond Cell’s imagination and a new fight to find out who’s the true deadly android starts. After a brutal fight Cell is defeated. Android 21 can’t take it anymore. Androids 16,17 and 18 can’t stop android 21 from linking with Cell’s soul.

Android 16 tries in vane to control Android 21’s hunger from absorbing Cell’s soul but gets destroyed by an anger Android 21. After this event Android’s 21 fury gets out of control leading to the birth of Evil Android 21 and quickly absorbed all of her powers. Android 21 first form can’t do anything to prevent her evil form from going away with a greater destructive power.

Cell gets transformed it a sweet delicious chocolate donnut and gets eaten by Android 21. She is enjoying her new monster power.

If android 21 fight she will not be able to control all the power inside of her soul.

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Shirrako says:

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Johnny Webb says:

she looks better, pink lol

veldavis1326 says:

She poofed cell into a đŸ© and ate him in a single bite

Artax says:

Omg english dubbing sucks big times (like in anime), much better in japanese.

Kartono Khachun says:

Evil donut eating

Money Alston says:

9:55 is the best.

Shatterd X Dimensions says:

Poor 16 keeps on dying

Maria Benitez says:

This video looks a lot better than this one

Yuki Ren says:


Alexa Veronica Arellon says:

Geez, look at 18 covering his brother 😊 Android 21 reminds me of majin buu .

Trilobight says:

Looks like the Vore community in the game's development office replaced all of the concept art with Rule 34 links…

The Entity says:

It’s funny..I got a commercial when the video started about Kay Jewlers and buying the woman of your dreams a chocolate diamond ring…

Chocolate diamond ring…

ZephyrSaix says:

"Android 21 (evil)" lmao is this for real

Xalxitz says:

Can anyone explain to me why she looks like a female Majin Buu?

Castle Clash Bot says:

game bad and the big hands bad

Jordan Ford says:

Is she part Majin Buu

Kenshin Yamato says:

Gameplay and anime and dam remake are really out the story ==' i trust manga more

moriya2k2 says:

Since when are donuts crunchy?

CatsRevenge says:

You know. I'm happy that the creators over there behind the Dragnball series are putting in more female characters and lead characters. It's nice.

Merged Zamasu says:

Subrashi, I adore the slaughter of these pathetic ningens.

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