Another Dragon Ball FighterZ Gameplay

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Another Dragon Ball FighterZ Gameplay

Another Dragon Ball FighterZ Gameplay

This is just another Dragon Ball FighterZ Gameplay I appreciate to be in here and give a big shout-out to Bandai Namco for provide me a killer beta code.

Dragon Ball FighterZ brings once again thrill and emotion both combined to provide astonish experience out from a large number of available characters able to be chosen.

Because Dragon Ball FighterZ is in continue development, more characters will be available to play with in the following months. Plus you can have a variaty of teams all setup on slots so you can have right order of your troop and defeat even the thoughest foes.

Dragon Ball FighterZ combines both 2D and 3D with a new an upgraded graphics accelerator engine. Forget about freezing and laggin. Dragon Ball FighterZ goes beyond old game mechanics. I love it is just like the TV Show itself.

Thank you Bandai Namco and Machinima for hooking me up with a DB FighterZ Beta Code!

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