ANOTHER INTENSE SET!! | Dragonball FighterZ Ranked Matches

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Wow. This was a couple of really intense games! This time on high ranked dragonball fighterz we bring a team of goku black, ssj goku, and yamcha up against a team of bardock, ssj vegeta and fused zamasu. The battles will be close and the pressure is on. Who will win the first to three?

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High rank dragonball fighterz and high rank dbfz commentary

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Red Daniel says:

Man I was panicking for you at the end of the video

Marlon Waardenburg says:

In what server do you play?

Herdeshe says:

DotaDoya is DBFZ Dad

Aidanation5 says:

Would love to see you take Goku black online some more, he's my yamcha if you catch my drift.

Hi, I Think I'm Real says:

This Goku Black video ended up being a fantastic Yamcha video.

Yahiko says:

why i love goku black reason 1 of 10: they finally made goku a villian…..sort of. which is all i've ever wanted from dbz

MrPointofSingularity says:

Oh Yamcha you little beast…. AHHHHH GOKU BLACK….. GOKU BLACK

Dan says:

Could I see some more Base goku and trunks please?

Ace Da Boss says:

Can you fight me😂😁I wanna fight somebody good. GamerTag: XenoGhost00. I play on Xbox. Anybody else good wanna fight come fight me

GamingAL says:


andres flores says:

2:04 there’s always a first time to drop combos

Nizzy Nick92 says:

Great vid my dood 👍

Jay Moreno says:

There is literally no one else on YouTube that makes me laugh like you lmfao 😂

Gabriel Godoy says:

Man, best video ever, had só much fun, nice!

Partially says:

I feel like blue Vegeta is getting slept on by the FighterZ community. Maybe you could play him and show us why?

don_ kleberus says:

@dotodoya you're an absolutely monster.Super saiyan god rank in 175 only… wow !!!!

Green Spinner says:

Doto, is my fighterz team good? It is Trunks, beerus, and cooler. Do you have any suggestions?

Anixibis wuefjbwerfef says:

Your voice is more amazing and intimate when I'm drunk

Darthaggro says:

Anyone else lose a few years off their life watching the end of that?

tkgrant7 says:

All smiles from 15:13 on 🙂

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