Black kills Chichi and Goten l Dragon ball super episode 61 (SUB HD)

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Teyscop 505 says:

bohar it sadly a disconnect crest down

ぽきまるかわいい says:


Zionist Mangler says:

Why wouldn't King Kai alert the Supreme Kai and then he would alert Beerus? Where was Vegeta, 17, Piccolo, and Gohan?

JakeStomp says:

Does anybody know the name of this song? 0:53

餅チャンネルきな粉 says:


Maria Asma says:

I actually cried💔

西村祐子 says:


伝説のマジキチブロガス says:

I borrowed a part of the movie. If there is a request that you want to erase, erase it.

伝説のマジキチブロガス says:

I am Japanese. May I borrow a video?

Jasonite _ gaming says:

They are still alive lol

Philip Cruz says:

I really want them to bring Chichis long hair back

PokemonTheFan 321456 says:

0:06 The Pleasure is all mine😏

Willie Stephens says:

So how can black know all gokus move/skill sets instantly, but ginyu couldn't make full use of gokus body?

Jasler Primus25 says:

Did just say easy pizzy lemon squezzy

Ron Swanson says:

Why are their 2 zanamusa

Zapples The jojo comment shitposter/inkling says:

Chichi’s the only one Who deserved to die

Dillon Haggett says:

Shouldn’t the wish have transferred their minds and not basically changed their clothes?

Brian Mario says:

can i ask you whats the difference btw gohan and goten?

Hakeem Fitzgerald says:

What’s the theme at the beginning

Sinnox says:

0:04 I swear some Yaoi fan will make a hentai about this 😂

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