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Today we summon on the new LR Super Vegito banner here on DBZ Dokkan Battle! Sub today and join the #NanoFam 😀
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SnazzyTheName says:

I pulled gogeta


Champyboy Q says:

So i go onto my old tablet that had tons if stones cuz i havent loged in so i do 2 friend summons (my lucky charm) then i do a summon on vegito banner and BOOM first card is lr i was so happy #firstlr

Jou Fang says:

I pulled LR trunks feeling down cause i didn't get LR gogeta, but when we got the free 50 stones, i multi summoned and got LR gogeta and a SSJ4 gogeta dupe and this was 2 days ago 😂

Aneel Atwal says:

Vegito at 8:57

my friend jesus says:

its funny because hes not lr vegito but lr goku and vegeta

joshua aguilera says:

I pulled 2 LR gogeta

Racist Fuck says:

Guys , I got a LR Yamcha

Starlirious says:

I PULLED THE LR VEGITO! (After getting shafted in a multi 7 Times in a row and hours of grinding since I'm ftp)

Adame Sanogo says:

Pulled lr gogeta and vegito with 250 stones

Timeuniverse 16 says:

I got the lr vegito on first summon

Sered Fallsmeyer says:

Pulled both LR Vegito and LR Gogeta within 250 Stones.

Sgt Sunshine says:

Followed along for 4 multis.. pulled lr trunks!!

Tyler Le says:

With 800 stones, Nano had a 40% chance to pull either LR. Wow.

ultra instinct vegito says:

I pulled gogeta, vegito and all the new ssr units, luckily only took 3 rotations on vegito and 1 on gogeta

Tyler Le says:

Why isn't our boy Nano youtube approved yet?

Marceline the Vampire Queen says:

Pulled both was blown away and int gogeta whom i did not have good luck next time nano

TheHeksu96 says:

3 multis 2 lr gogeta 🙂

DBF -Vinny says:

I pulled him finally my first LR omg anyone else have him awakened at LR? give me codes cause I'm looking LR vegito friend's

Tim Kemp says:


Oculus says:

I'm So sorry nano I pulled LR mighty mask and LR trunks before watching this video but I'm not strong enough to make them LR

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