Broly vs Goku Full Fight

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One of the greatest battles of all time.

I’m not a creator of this material I’m just sharing this great work for info and entertainment purposes, please support the original in whatever way possible 🙂


Thomas Weeden says:

Old DBZ was so raw

Justice84 says:

Poor brolly killing the team weakling

True22 United 4 everything says:

Just so everyone knows I just came to sleep on the couch to watch this

RightIn ThePussy says:

So why is broly pissed off at KaKARoTttt…

calm says:

This will forever be the best broly 😌😌👐

Jul But says:

The music is annoying as hell.

Christopher Sewell says:

hes the most powerful smoker in

Christopher Sewell says:

go vegter liar

Christopher Sewell says:

my frrineds helping me  garaged

Christopher Sewell says:

mily way gone now last night he mother bomb will fall

bobby schneberger says:

Ui gokuthen

bobby schneberger says:

Ui gokuthen

GoodolMatt says:

How I hate English dub. It keeps getting worse and worse.

keithyoutube says:

Why censor this. Master Roshi was drunk not sick.

Philip Fisher says:

Jesus christ!! Thats a violent ass transformation.

Dea Razernifs says:

Holy shit is that Homoculi abusing 3:46

Hustle T.I.D. says:

Broly is a real Saiyan. The only true super saiyan

kb22 swag says:

When your watching thinking how much of a ass whooping he gonna due in the cannon movie

Dragon Ball Movies says:

🛑 "Doragon bôru chô: Burorî" fiIm ~

Whát a trüly Ínspíring fílm. Go see it! Unglaublicher film! Sehr zu empfehlen, es auszuprobieren!

Kyle Gomez says:

The one reason broly is truly capable of is to blow up planets and kill goku for being a cry baby..

But, super ruined broly's point of view.. instead, he wants vegeta dead.. attain even much power that even SSJG red and blue goku/vegeta is not abled to defy…

And now that i think of it, broly is more of a thanos than a saiyan of legend..

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