Brothers Fight To Death Dragon Ball FighterZ

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Dragonball FighterZ Gameplay by @DionDoes
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8JacksLegendary says:

Gotenks is Goku's youngest son and Vegeta's son Trunks fused. LOL

Tracy Smith says:

Play online one of u guys that dope

DrivenWord94 says:

Like for the rematch

Cody Williams says:

Yes please do a full walkthrough #G1GB

curtis morton says:

Dion looks like hes scared shitless in the thumbnail… juice got it right with the furious and ready to kick some ass look.

adiaz9305 says:

I’m disappointed at your db knowledge Dion… loo

Game Job says:


Demarkus Iron says:

Goten is gokus son and trunks is kid trunks🤦🏾‍♂️

Caleb Williams says:

Walkthrough series of this game would be fun

Community Of Gamers says:

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Nick Ryde says:

Dude said trunks son??? If u dont know just keep quiet lol wtf

Christian Hardin says:

lol juice went straight coward and subbed trunks out after saying he wouldn't smh

Sharvin Moore says:

He said that its gouks son and trunks son omg that kid trunks vegetas son and goten gokus son

Dio Brando says:

It's pronounced Fighters

SauceThaa_ GOD says:

It’s Vegeta’s Trunks And Goku’s Goten idiot

SauceThaa_ GOD says:

True that was 😢 SADNESS

Jordan Morris says:

It’s Gohan’s brother not son

sufi uchiha says:

Gotta see more of this!

Retro Glory says:

Do alot more of this

med bel Y.B says:


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