DBFZ ▰ Craziest Vegeta I’ve Ever Seen 【Dragon Ball FighterZ】

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Waka1 has such great pressure with point Vegeta. Makes you wonder why more people don’t consider it. Expect both of those players to compete in the upcoming Japan Saga Event.

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DISCLAIMER: All of the footage seen in this video was captured using the IN-GAME replay system which is openly available for all players to view and share public replays. ZERO footage was taken from Twitch or any other streaming/VOD platform.

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BahamianKing Gaming says:

how do you put those hash tags there in title?

Emanuel Paredes says:

Waka es el jugador más agresivo que eh visto en todo el juego, genial.

Phil Dess says:

He plays Vegeta as aggressively as Vegeta himself would

donald ajayi says:

2:22 crazy he was about to kill off that

InktSloth says:

Nobody mentions the black play at 11:48

Boh says:

7:01 How did he hit it that way with the teleport?

Cyborg 86 says:

I would call this video; Craziest Android 16.

Jonah Trill says:

Cooked both these players before but nice 16 from Dende. Point Vegeta was nice also.

LZ 45 says:

Man, dende's 16 is Redonkulous

TheOneGhost5012 says:

That's what you get for not healing him the first time, little green.

Omega Zero says:

Talk about aggressive

Debra Cork says:

R.I.P Gohan 4:595:24

SB-Saiyajin says:

Idk why but that XV2 Meta Cooler theme killed me lmao

Leonardo Gonçalves Schuster says:

8:35 nice music timing

Pesosgaming says:

So glad to see Vegeta on point instead of a damn assist. Good stuff waka

Kermit Da Frog says:


Keys Lockhart says:

9:45 onwards is the greatest use of 2L ive ever seen. Literally put that man in the smoothest blender. Baked a cake on his forehead 😂

Luc O says:


16 in a nutshell

Sonny Rodrigue says:

Seeing Dende getting his @$$ kicked around like that was…. as impressive as it was baffling

Cristian Rivas says:

The problem with this game is that everyone wants to push buttons so no one wants to block and this game is just a scrubs game with auto combos super dash and constant teleports. The anti airs are so easy in this game it’s also making scrubs look like decent players

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