DBFZ ▰ Kaimart Vs Dogura 【Dragon Ball FighterZ】

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The last time these two faced each other was at SEA Major with Dogura winning 2-1.

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DISCLAIMER: All of the footage seen in this video was captured using the IN-GAME replay system which is openly available for all players to view and share public replays. ZERO footage was taken from Twitch or any other streaming/VOD platform.

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troubleshoot says:

Don't understand the people saying kid buu got nerfed into the ground. You must be playing some trash kid buu's then.

Laurenzo Tita says:

This is the one game I've ever noticed the flow chart people play with.

David Coleman says:

Budokai Tenkaichi 3 wild soul yes yes!!!

Ethan Cho says:

Kid buu mfs are the craziest people I swear

Trustin Harris says:

You shouldnt be allowed to vanish out of coolers lvl 3

Maniac742 says:

Eh, I'm gonna have to start calling Kaimart Dropmart. I love his Vegito play, but so many dropped combos in this set, leading to a lot of bad positions that he shouldn't be in.

Mu Jones says:

Outstanding matches! Thanks a lot for this, Xuses.

Nate says:

Please use more tenkaichi 3 osts ❤

Everlasting Monroe says:

Oh I love wild soul

Rock says:

that picture of gohan in the thumbnail looks familiar.. 🤔


Bro the first song is so nostalgic, playing budokai tenkaichi 1 until 2:30am on split screen with your friend

Johan Contreras says:

Jesus i hate kid buu

Deceit says:

Cooler is so trash. Its so sad. Bottom 5 character easily, he holds Dogura back.

KingBrown ;d says:

D buff vegito now

Joey Driller says:

Vegeto is such an annoying character

Richard Rodriguez says:

Dogura died twice without using Spark

Damaged Sponge says:

always nice to see these two JP giants dukin it out. shouldve been called the Kaimart runback. easily both are top 5 in Japan.

David Doboni says:

You gotta use Burst Limits OST! It's so good!

Med Lamrouah says:

bruuh 5:55

Bellybell14 says:

RIP Stan Lee…

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