DBFZ ▰ SonicFox Vs Kaimart FT3 【Dragon Ball FighterZ】

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Evo champ takes on one of the rising stars in Japan in a FT3 local set. Check out more exhibition matches here:

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Raymund Mapalad says:

Kai mart would be so much better if he used top tiers like cell and bardock.. or if he'll pick a Vegito.. he's better off picking zamasu… it seems sonicfox is jobbing here.. because his Zamasu is galaxies above kaimart's Vegito.

Anuchnach LoveConquers says:

I don't like that ssjss goku has the same health as say, the android, when he's much stronger…. T__T

THICC Azz says:

This Video sums up Vegito in a Nutshell. Take it however you please

E C says:

Sonicfox's most likely just inexperienced with the characters Kaimart has, cuz I don't see many Vegitos, Teen Gohans or even Kid Buus in tournaments these days

Alejandro Martinez says:

That’s that “I’m getting my ass kicked but this is fun” rage quit. I do that shit all the time with friends when I’m getting destroyed 🤣 good to see them having fun

Shane Leatherman says:

Fox, even you must admit that Vegito's 5L is always "The Answer."

Crap BASKETS says:

A friendly match? Sonic is bored

speed luigi says:

LOL that Grover voice🤣

xponoszaxapatos says:

What this guy doesn’t know is that Fox and his brother are going work overtime reviewing these fights to come up with a a full proof plan to own him in tournaments.

Dante Herrera says:

Bruh… sonic was just… bruh..

Luke Roof says:

Sonic fox versus K-Mart omegalul

Yoel The Grim Reaper says:

Sonicfox rage quit

Quinton Blackburn says:

This… this is more what I was expecting between Sonic and Kaimart, not a complete one way blowout like in that one championship. Great to see them both having fun here.

dinogee says:

Hahaha best ending ever!

mason Pacheco says:

Ok yeah sonicfox is godlike at this game but hes honestly cringy and awkward af niggas weird

Darren Clyde says:

Well this was underwhelming and boring

RaijinDestroyer says:

This game's mechanics are so confusing, there are things I didn't understand at all in this video, shit looks random sometimes

Baron Lloyd says:

Kaimato is such a unleashed titan

Randy Gutierrez says:

Does ANYONE play Goku Black anymore!?

Michael O'Brien says:

"That move is so annoying!" says the guy playing both Bardock and Android 16.

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