DBFZ ▰ This Hit Just Keeps On Improving – Ft. Xylophone【Dragon Ball FighterZ】

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Xylophone’s Hit was featured on this channel 5 months. He has improved tremendously and recently made top 8 at Canada Cup.

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DISCLAIMER: All of the footage seen in this video was captured using the IN-GAME replay system which is openly available for all players to view and share public replays. ZERO footage was taken from Twitch or any other streaming/VOD platform.

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Adrian Price says:

If he stopped being super dashing scrub he would be better

Michael Hernandez says:

that last fight tho

dseanm21 says:

@6:43 ain't no armour Bih 😂

Standards says:

Hit's design as a fighting game character annoys me in almost every way possible. He's the least risky pick in the game. His entire kit is built around completely avoiding neutral. To win with him all you have to do is throw out disjointed hitboxes for 300 seconds while testing your opponent's patience. His normals suck donkey dick, but when they're all disjointed and practically impossible to punish when covered, you're going to get hit by them eventually only to see that amazing jLL jc jLLL combo into 5LL midscreen oki.

Gray says:

JOE ROGAN = JOE "fear factor" ROGAN 😛

Gray says:

SONIC FOX = SONIC "japanese god killer" FOX 😛

mega master zero says:

I'm not the only one who uses this team?! Show hit and teen Gohan some respect

dominiccsantos says:

I thought this vid was gonna be RaPtR’s hit

Pablo Chavez says:

This was thoroughly entertaining.

Elijah Mata says:

Believe in the Legend of Hitto

christian Barreiro says:

Anyone else get exited when they heard the meta Ridley theme

DragonBall Fighter says:

Is his player a bot?

HPofBBQ says:

Dat Gohan come back… oO

whYLiE09 says:

Is it fair that yamcha can just level 1 into level 3 sp easily?

Yes. It is.

Gohan Gohan says:

AMD Radeon R7 m265

Is this good for running Dragon Ball FighterZ?

Supah Bluu says:

what happened to piccolo at 1:40 was hype as fuck. did you really staircase him down with the fucking sokidan into the gohan DHC? that was DOPE

Supah Bluu says:

Xylophone is godlike.

Mark Khair says:

Nice, I’d like to see him vs Raptr’s Hit

Camron Johns says:

Hit has always been my favorite character on this game. Glad to see him being used properly instead of by my dumbass

Camron Johns says:

Hit has always been my favorite character on this game. Glad to see him being used properly instead of by my dumbass

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