DBFZ ▰ This Is What 1000+ Hours In Dragon Ball FighterZ Looks Like

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Players featured in this compilation:

Vegeta Royal Blue Theme:

Thumbnail Image:

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DISCLAIMER: All of the footage seen in this video was captured using the IN-GAME replay system which is openly available for all players to view and share public replays. ZERO footage was taken from Twitch or any other streaming/VOD platform.

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The Real DannySan says:

Anyone else thinks vegito is annoying to play against

insxmniac says:


Epoch The Kid says:

oh my god please tech lmao

Delta!Sans says:


Amus Hashim says:

Dude that nappa at the beginning was shit, the guy didnt tech out

Amus Hashim says:

I want to see xuses play dbfz

Marcel Sarközy says:

Intro= worst combo in Fighter Z

GodzillavsUSA says:

That Nappa play was really not that impressive

MINI says:

What a name.

Great A says:

In the intro

He could of just teched out

Spook Toque says:

Holy crap Nappa is broken we need to have another balance patch, if I see a Nappa online I am going to rage quit immediately



If you can't face the heato

You're gonna get the gito.

Brandon Garcia says:

I hate playing against good vegeto and broly players annoying as fuck

Fellen Denegerous says:

Is that kingdom hearts music I hear?

Julio Escobar says:

2:04 Jesus 0.0

Brian Fernandez says:

Hahahaha this is clrealy a blue box player, 1000 hours of playing the game wrong. You even went as far as to HIDE your box color because yoy are not even pink, bet not even red. i did not see you do a single Super assist. Trash.

KeyForce7 says:

2:03 It was at this moment that EMPR_VOLF realized..

Conner Kent says:

The first one is a bloody blue combo it's pointless to show it…

ElectroCat58 says:

Did you just called SSB Evolution Vegeta Royal Blue? 😤😤😤 TRIGGERED

Gabriel Doane says:

This is why I stopped playing that game

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