DBFZ ▰ Who is This Majin Buu? 【Dragon Ball FighterZ】

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Gabess4 putting on a show vs some of the best Japanese DBFZ players.

Kid Buu Fighting Remix:

Desperate Assault Epic Rock Cover:

X vs. Zero (Megaman X5) – GaMetal

Thumbnail Image:

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DISCLAIMER: All of the footage seen in this video was captured using the IN-GAME replay system which is openly available for all players to view and share public replays. ZERO footage was taken from Twitch or any other streaming/VOD platform.

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Judah Ben Hur says:

this majin buu is great but are we going to ignore that ginyu combo at 10:20?

Kiều Sơn says:

10:20 swag combo

chris henry says:

Ever just get erect watching sentient bubble gum beat people up?

Salvaa23 says:

please would anyone mind showing me some twitch players or something that plays majin buu? i would love to learn this character, and im trying, but i cant find any twitch player or here in youtube, just 4 or 5 vids

Reverse Goat says:

I like ABEGEN's "Team Big Dude".

ninjasia says:

1:42 This man really just sped up a Bardock level 3. This is why you are better then the other channels.

Karim Jlylou says:

Thanks 1:40

Leo Coyne says:

I believe majin buu is the hardest character to use in the game

Cyber XD1 says:

That last match against SuperBoy and the timing with the music was so fucking hype


Majin buu has to do so much for such little damage

Barakalaka says:

1:42 Bardock was so pissed at that team that he went turbo mode

You Buggin says:

I feel like majin buu and nappa are highly overlooked as good characters

Kuo'tal Khaen eyeh! says:

Loved every minute of it. Buus is one of my mains!

NightDayDream says:


DIO says:

That ginyu was going in

hex Barbecue says:

Thanks for fast Forwarding Bardock's lvl3. You're God's plan

Ariel Gonzalez says:

Jeez, those ki blast loops put Gohan and Cell to shame.

Also, great music choice as always. I'm glad to see Johnny Atma get some recognition here

Anjuth Malpica says:

Dude is Gabess, one of the best Majin Buus i ever seen.

Lamar J Greene says:

10:21 wtf was that combo lol

PrimeKero says:

Oh hey, this is my team. LET'S GOOOO

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