DBFZ ➤ Kawamatsu Zamasu Against The Best Vegito In Kaimart [ Dragon Ball FighterZ ]

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Possibly the best Vegito player in DBFZ with a crazy Teen Gohan to match with his relentless style. Kaimart up against A very solid Zamasu player which I have had my eye on for a few months but never got round to uploading him.
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YogaFlame24 says:

Good Morning
Tracks listed in today's matches are as follows..
Muramasa The Demon Blade OST – Turbulent State
Muramasa Rebirth {Arashimaru Chapter} OST – Shiranui
Ratchet & Clank 3 Marcadia – Capital City
Final Boss (Ruby Illusions) – Sonic Mania
Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 – River Stage
Avengers VS X-Men OST Black Widow Theme

Maher Ronnie Abou Hamdan says:

Dude the score is 5-4 for Kaimart at the end, not 4-5 for Kawamatsu.

Tony Butler says:

Jfc, Kawamatsu's Zamasu is terrifying hahaha

Beniam Tedla says:

at 17:49 did he have to fly, unfly to do that Zamasu double super with goku's level one or was it just an airdash?

wallakfir90 says:

That Vegito player is really good, it's really fun to watch.

Basilaras 01 says:

The music is awesome keep it up!!!!

K' says:

Oboro Muramasa music? Fuck yeah!

Iván Ubilla says:

No bardock or 16? Is this real life

YouAlreadyKnow says:

Garbage music as always

DannyTheConsumer says:

6:40 that was an awesome Kaioken

KingKiller says:

At 8:00 it's says the score is 2-1 when it's suppose to be 3-0 just letting you know

Tendai Ball says:

When Kawamatsu hit Kaimart he just got mad lol

Turtleitious says:

mvc2 tracks aint it son

GR Phoenix says:

I think we found a new best player that doesn’t need bardock and 16 “cough cough sonic fox”

ProjectAwesomes says:

kaimart won but whatever

MarcoDaCat says:

I always respect the mvc2 music, It goes so fucking well with this game, and also consider putting it with hit players _/ _/

Strider Blue says:

Yeeeeah boy there’s something about hearing old school Mvc2 tracks with this game that just gets me hype!!

V Arcee says:

13:42 is really rude

Abraão Jacob says:

The real score was 5 for Kaimart and 4 for Kawamatsu .. you gave a victory for Kawamatsu, it must have confused the majin bu.

Gira says:

13:44 odd flex but ok

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