DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ All Cutscenes Full Movie

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DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ All Cutscenes Full Movie. This video includes all the story movies in the story mode

Goku and his friends must fight a new battle against a revived Android 16 and an army of super androids designed to resemble and fight just like them. The story is split into three chapters: the Super Warriors Arc, the Super Villain Arc, and the Android Arc, each of which follows the story from the perspectives of Goku, Vegeta, Android 21, Frieza, and Android 18 respectively

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MKIceAndFire says:

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Asaad Dennis says:

After 20 years of watching Dragonball Z…

Nothing beats a good story, character development, and most importantly originality and authenticity!

I鈥檓 very impressed. This gives me the nostalgia just like in the late 90鈥檚.

Nobunaga1981 says:

I take it there were no Majin Buu cutscenes for the 1st arc or Future Trunks scenes for any of the arcs?

Arlene Sanders says:

That music gets so annoying man. They need more music variety lol

isaac lunt says:

I understand they already added alot of characters into the mix, and I'm super happy with the story it's actually awesome. But I feel they missed a few opportunities with characters. For example Future Trunks showing up half way in, coming back because there are also clones popping up all over the future. Maybe the waves are effecting all timelines, or the Red Ribbon army where working on time travel. I know Xenoverse kinda focused too much on time travel, but bringing Trunks in wouldnt have been too hard. Teen Gohan I can understand not making an appearance due to adult Gohan being in the story. And Goku Black was erased by Zamasu and not many people on earth even knew he existed so wishing him back wouldn't make sense, and neither would clones. But Hit I also think could have easily made an appearance, maybe Whis asks Vados if U7 can hire Hit again (like when Goku was training). But hey I suppose that is what sequels are for. And I'm still very happy with the story mode we got, one of the best we've had from a Dragonball game in a while, possibly even ever. I just hope we get an expansion wether it be DLC, or FighterZ 2, I'd just love to see more. This game is amazing.

Cake Buu says:

The music is always the same alllll the way through. Having no music would make it more watchable. Maybe even put in your own music over different scenes if you had the time.

Joremy Gooijer says:

Why do all these cutscene vids that have all seem to have a jumbled up order every single one I watch has the scenes in different orders. I just wish to see it in chronological order since I currently cant get the game I might have it next year but thats long.

Ian McIntyre says:

Piccolo, a badass fighter and an awesome dad.

JoeKickass324 says:

poor yamcha

whatwhat98 says:

Where the hell did Buu come from? Did you miss a scene or whatever?

whatwhat98 says:

Andriod 21? So how many does that make? 6? Trunks shouldnt have left the future again. Vegeta is going to hang this over his head for the rest of his life.

Chez Magero says:

What did happen to cell when he went to hell… He said he's your imagination….

Crimson Cloud says:

Bulma sounds like a dude…

Christian Erazo says:

I cant help but feel that a normal person inside yamcha would raise yamcha's power level

Mohammed hamed says:

21= time to dine

BlackLight says:

Sonic forces much?

Odd-Eyes Pika says:

Character Development 10/10

itss Donnie says:

I knew they were gonna have android 21 eventually

Michael Klump says:

Thank you for this! 馃檪 This is all I wanted to see, not all the repetitive fights.

The Mastema says:

I waited all my life to hear Android 17 say "Oh man! She swallowed it!"

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