Dragon Ball FighterZ – Before You Buy

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Dragon Ball FighterZ (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is the latest DBZ fighting game on the block – but this time it’s different. Is it worth it? Let’s talk.
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gameranx says:

Who do you roll with? Have you had trouble getting online like us? Let us know!

Darken De la Espada says:

Will they ever make a Dragonball game as good or better than Budokai 3 (not tenkaichi)? That was made way back in 2004; seriously? This one looks great sure… but its quite embarrassing in context.

ssj Shaun says:

I've never played this but I would use majin Android 21, hit, and Goku black

Mabo says:

never really watched any dragonball, a bit but not really a huge fan. Loving it so far, really easy to pick up, not really into most fighter games but this is beautiful.

favourite lineup:


Jorge Portuhondo says:

Tenkaichi 3, enough said.

AboveJester1992 says:

I don't like 2D fighters, there I said it

Dat Guy says:

Look at 0:50 and play thats just crazy

ThirdStrike II says:

0:23 But Budokai is 2.5D (Like Tekken) FighterZ is 2D (Like Street Fighter) you can’t side step in this game

George Ortiz says:

Tien, goku Black, and gotenks

Tiberiu Rosenberg says:

LUL playing a Japanese game on xbox and not finding any1 to play it with …what did you expect?


if its dragon ball super goku voice count me way the fuck out..

GAINS Nation says:

I had a hard time getting online for the first few days but now it’s better

Savage Warrior says:

Trunks is a beast in this game! The character in this game is OP. But it is a good OP. He could beat every player in the franchise

Zinogg says:

Yamcha needs to be nerf'd

mikoburko says:

this game rocks! i have already played it, it's on tpb

Melwin Lewis says:

Yamcha,Trunks, Vegeta/Gotenks. Absolutely destroys other teams.

BananaPenguin says:

Can you play it with keyboard?

Syrup•Pancakes•Waffles•EggMcMuffin says:

Give me that Jiren DLC already!!!!!

Jaydan Toups says:

Trunks teen gohan and krillan

Noctislolig says:

So it`s basically Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Z

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