Dragon Ball FighterZ Character Overviews – Villains and Z-Fighters

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Part 1 – The Saiyans: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGa5NdX0T5g
Piccolo 00:42 / Krillin 03:54 / Tien 06:42 / Yamcha 09:06 / Captain Ginyu 15:14 / Frieza 16:53 / Cell 18:50 / Kid Buu 20:34 / Majin Buu 23:17 / Android 21 25:09 / Android 18 27:42 / Android 16 29:57 / Beerus 31:50 / Hit 33:56 / Zamasu 36:06 / Base Vegeta 39:11 / Base Goku 41:30 / Cooler 43:49 / Android 17 46:18 / Outro 48:52


Threat of the Galactic Warriors – Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi
Piccolo Theme – Dragon Ball Z OST
Islands Stage – Dragon Ball FighterZ OST
Theme of Teen – Dragon Ball FighterZ OST
Theme of Yamaha – Dragon Ball FighterZ OST
Blazing Outsiders – Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3
BGM – Kenji Yamamoto
Ginyu Tokusentai Song
Theme of Frieza – Dragon Ball FighterZ OST
Freeza Theme – Dragon Ball Z OST
Cell Theme – Dragon Ball Z OST
Kid Buu Theme – Dragon Ball Z OST
Kyoufu No Ginyu Tokusentai – Dragon Ball Z OST
Theme of Buu – Dragon Ball FighterZ OST
An Eerie Foe – Dragon Ball Super OST
Theme of Android 18 – Dragon Ball FighterZ OST
Theme of Android 16 – Dragon Ball FighterZ OST
Theme of Beerus – Dragon Ball FighterZ OST
Theme of Hit – Dragon Ball FighterZ OST
Determination – Dragon Ball Super OST
Battle Theme (Sky Battle For Justice) – Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3
21 スティーブ·ルカサー マイク·ポーカロ サイモン·フィリップス 影山ヒロノブ他 – 野生の魂 ~Wild Soul~ – Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi
Theme of Cooler – Dragon Ball FighterZ OST
24-7 Crazy – Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3

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ZThe Real says:

That's the problem with this vs game. Characters rely on assist rather then create thier own set ups

Joonas Penttilä says:

That ginyu squad theme is the most perfect thing ever thank you for pringing it back

Edgy Boi says:

How good is this team?
Bardock,Zamasu, and teen gohan

Dubuya Jay says:

It's a shame we never saw Fat Buu and Vegeta team up in either tournament in Super.

Tony Soto says:

whats the song at the very end montage? can't seem to find it on the descriptions

Itsbobcat Brah says:

Can someone tell me what okee zeme is

Grim Thoughts says:

Hit, the man who poses while ur energy wave is missing completely.

Lord Dio! says:

i'd love one of these for soulcalibur 6. i'm getting my friend into the series for the first time and he's curious about who he should pick up.

Psykosav 64 says:

Things won’t go for you so well this time

Obiora Eneje, says:

Can someone tell me wtf is a Oki zemmay

Tom McCarthy says:

Really appreciated all the dbz music used have a like.

Mourossonero says:

I'm a simple man…
I hear Budokai music, I like 😀

Caulifla U6 says:

28:41 how you do that? I never seen that before


15:14 welp i failed no nut november

James Staton says:

Most of my team is found here; Yamcha and 17.
Trunks is the third.
Order goes 17 point, Trunks second, Yamcha anchor.

Overall, I've got the theme of heavy mixups going on.

Jordan Sharpe says:

still no video on youtube explAIning how to get broly cooler an base goku how df is base goku a character you have to unlock

Isaac says:

Yamcha is a God of Destruction

Captain Cereal says:

When was krillin ever a villian?

finna Bust says:

mains yamcha ssj Vegeta and hit

Christopher Adams says:

Android 21 is just freaking hot. She can "eat" me anytime.

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