Dragon Ball FighterZ Chris G (Android 17 Tien Trunks) Vs Lynx (Beerus Blue Goku Tien) Replay

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Daquan Curry says:

Not gonna lie 17 seems hella ass he's a waste of a character slot personally

Bailey Harris says:

Chris should start using the barrier option select for 17's rekkas.

Luis Medina says:

The fact that you can 2H Android 17 out of the accel driver overhead is stupid

Kamran Kazemi says:

Chris changes teams more times a week than a 13 year old jerks his wiener.

Silent Soul Ken SSK says:

guy should've given Chris the Dramatic finish

Jesus MLG says:

Alix Lynx? The blonde porn actress?

Camron Cook says:


KingBrown ;d says:

Where is sonic

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