Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC – Bardock vs Broly Gameplay: Eraser Cannon!

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Goku’s father faces off against the Legendary Super Saiyan in this early look at Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC featuring Bardock and Broly!

Dragon Ball FighterZ – Broly Trailer

Dragon Ball FighterZ Review:

Dragon Ball Z – 9 of the Most Unforgettable Moments:

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The Lover Boy says:

I wish Caulifla, Kale & Cooler would be included soon.

Mharks Baeson says:

What's with the random jumping o.o

Roya Power says:

C'es mal fait l'explosion de broly doit être verte et pas orange (quand décor détruit )

Isahn Joseph says:

no Saiyan Spirit?? 🙁

Kerry Emiya says:

Title says Bardock and Broly… but Cell wins it after beating Goku Black

DontTellMeLies says:



DLC …bad

Elijah Chaney says:

NO!! I wanted Bardock to win…

Donatas Simaitis says:

broly should have ended it in 1 punch

BasedSif says:

Is anybody else happy Broly’s voice is more like the movie than Xenoverse 2? Omg so glad Vic did a deeper voice.

Billie Hernandez says:

This confirms that Cell is stronger than Broly

Martin Paredes Roldán says:

En serio esto vale 2000 mil pesos en Argentina? Déjense de joder.

Emanuel Ballester says:

si bueno quien tiene hambre?

Gastondesana says:

every character are all look the same

Brandon Alexis says:

Can't wait!

LusTa says:

I wonder what unique dialogue Broly would have against Goku Black

ThePennilessGamer says:

Too much broly not enough bardock

melodic symphos says:

Honestly im not that convinced by those characters. We already do have enough saiyajin in this game. .-.

peter c says:

how is this game?

ViewtifulGambit says:

Can’t wait to hear English Bardock can’t handle Goku and his dad screaming and yelling the exact same way

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