Dragon Ball FighterZ GO1 (Kid Buu Bardock Vegeta) Vs Tachikawa (Android 18 Frieza Yamcha) Replay

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Andro L les says:

G01 a fucking scrub bitch lol only using the play to win characters, flowchart loser

Pugi pugi says:

wish I were as "washed up" as so many ppl say go1 is, lol.

Epoch The Kid says:

6:47 wtf he can confirm off of vanish?!

Andre Gomez Mercado says:

why do you say he does not need vegita, in all the cases he wins, vegeta is always alive, and is always usefull .-.

DobleDD Gameplays says:

Los dos son geniales! Que buenas peleas por favor!

Giovanni747 says:

1:00 invisible

Nappa Is The Saiyan hero we deserve says:

Kazunoko is the beast from the far East now

Kalo Funbarr says:

This is a late upload. This one was before TIFF, isn't it? I've seen the exact Vegeta sparking sequence v. Yamcha weeks ago.

Isaiah Bell says:

Why is everyone being so nasty to G01?

Yasha says:

I think go1 should really drop vegeta, he can easily play without him

Matthew Murdock says:

Does anything different happen if you have 17 and 18 on the same team?

Uncle Beerus says:

Guys are a little hard on go1 here.. The guys still really good, some of his choices are questionable but its dbfz, how many times have you dropped games to players that shouldn't have even taken a character off you? keep in mind the level of competition he faces 100% of the time, tachikawa for one, is a monster. I think go1 should just go to adult gohan, kid buu and drop vegeta for bardock. Alot of his bad calls come with vegeta like spamming ki blasts from what ive seen, the character lately has been bad for him.

Frederick K Y Lee says:

GO1 is no longer as good as he used to be……

Jesus MLG says:

go1 is really washed up

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