Dragon Ball FighterZ in a Nutshell

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You better be ready for some intense Dragon Ball FighterZ action, because IT’S ANIME TIME BOYS

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Long says:

i know how you can be better at fighter z …… just cut your hair 😀

craig Freeman says:

I don't get the "completely original joke"

Lord Maul says:

The high ground is the most powerful character

King Athoritu says:

Wanna know the best tip on how to be good at this game for real? ahem STOP CALLING IT FUCKING "DRAGON BALL FIGHTERS Z" it is pronounced "Dragon Ball Fighters" (Dragon Ball FigherZ)

If he's calling it that as I joke, I'm sorry. Lol but I just HATE when people call it that

TAGC 503 says:

Im a 16 main and I'm laughing at this

MisterMan4Twon says:

Gohan Blanco LUL

Woof Master says:

so, andriod 16 is like if you got the smash 4 beyonetta and cloud and just put them together.

Izuku Midoriya(God) says:

3:02 got me fucked up XD

Michael says:

looks like a shit game

Muiri MacDuff says:

Yamcha on this game is pretty OP… Just use Wolf Fang Fist a lot!

rot 647 says:

Scary accurate ;-;

Fabled says:

"Gotenks may not be top tier(…)"
Remember when DBFZ was just out and nobody knew what the fuck was going on

University of Gerg says:

She’s not ten but she is artificiallife and produced in a lab so of course she’s not gonna be ten or 18

Matthew Morales says:

When he went super saying

iby malik says:

Yamacha still rekts everyone

The Knox Crew says:

fornite sucks

This Random Dude says:

What was/is your favorite dragon ball z fighting game? Mine is 100% no doubt supersonic warriors 2!


Android 16 face is me right now

TacoJuice says:

Ghost nappa could beat ultra instinct shaggy… because he’s a ghost :/

Dawn Breaker says:

Is that Murine Corps playing in the background

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