Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 6 Preview – MASTERED ULTRA INSTINCT GOKU

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In the next episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Goku will rise from the ground in Mastered Ultra Instinct! Whether he will be fighting against Fu or Cumber is another story, as the preview video is conflicting. We aren’t sure if Cumber has been defeated.

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EDK 5248 says:

When is the dubs movie coming out on vrv

James Eaton says:

Hahaha yes Ultra Instinct Goku is magnificent.. Vegeta was right when he said this about Goku – – " you never fought to kill, or for revenge. Only to test your limits and to push yourself beyond them, to become the strongest you could possibly be. How can a Saiyan fight like that and at the same time be so gentle that he wouldn't hurt a fly? It makes me angry just thinking about it! But, perhaps it is my anger that has made me blind to the truth for so long. I see it now, this day has made it all too clear.
You're better than me Kakarot. You are the best. "

Quinton Merkson says:

Wow you turned a 5 second preview it's a 10 minute video. 🤔

treston lee says:

bu bu bu nat the best youtuber

Bleachunter 001 says:

The real question is… Is Jiren coming back?

NBK Dragon says:

The proof that mui goku is better then fusions

Socorro Magallon says:

I agree golden cooler is just scraching his but

Arvie Balatbat says:

Cumber only beat vegito super saiyan blue kioken because Cumber turn to great ape

Scientist Albert Einstein says:

Duh SS4 is the strongest transformation in Dragon ball.

Nataniel Roque says:

It's not about what super saiyan or transformation , it's about experience

Anthony Brannon says:

Look at how long they take to make each episode …..I see dragon ball going extinct real soon


no you dont get it at all!!! xeno goku has absorbed ssjgod in his ssj stages which makes ssj4 xeno goku a lot stronger than ssjgod goku!!!

MrDEMarq says:

Still not out YET!

Michael Grant says:

Is it just me or is this shit just all over the place?

Notorious Oppai says:

Where's the fucking episode?!

today gossips says:

How can we see it in english dub

itzjay says:

can gogeta go mui

Faisal Sultani says:

Episode is coming soon

Tx12001 says:

SS4 Vegito is created from Xeno Goku and Vegeta's whose base forms are stronger then Super Goku's base form, even if they have a weaker transformation there base forms make up for it resulting in them actually being stronger.

Here is an example 50 x 1000 is not as high as 150 x 750

FYI Goku is not getting grabbed, he is actually dodging, open your eyes.

Charles Gunter says:

How can it end so quickly when Fu said that there are other's on prison planet and you have to get thru each one to obtain the dragon balls to get out!

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