Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7 Preview – The Universal Conflict Arc Begins!

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Merged Zamasu and 4 other fighters enter Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7, but now we have Jiren and Hit!
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MaSTAR Media says:

Download Amino and search to join Dragonball Z Amino:


Follow me: MastarMedia

Noel Laraga says:

nice epusode but kindly make it linger like 35 mins….

MR. MAYHEM says:

I thank the twins are some type of tuffel parasite

Frank 5599 says:

What i want to know is are any god except kaioshin are going to get involved? And what about the other so called stronger universes who didn't participate in the TOP? Are they involved or not?

Mohil Pednekar says:

Universe 7 have goku & vegeta and both are surpassed his limit. Universe 6 has kale and califala and also cabe and hit. Universe 11 is to strong universe they have jiren , hakayshin toppo and many mortels then new episodes are going to be awesome. I am waiting for upcoming episodes. I like you're video.

shantanner says:

Dragon Ball: Infinity War

Rendang Cheese says:

How about Goku in SuperSaiyanBlue + MUI?? Damn it, just make it happen.

Big Chief says:

Cumbersome zenkai boost is gonna be huge for the enemies

Mighty Oof says:

I wonder y they havent put in vegeta's ultra blue form yet cuz i rlly wanna see it again

Josh 1785 says:

I want to see frieza, broly and 17 helping goku out in the end

Josh 1785 says:

I want to see Broly and Frieza

Raphael Donatello Journalism, Film Productions says:

I hope heroes doesnt retcons jiren to make mui and these weaker characters to seem more powerful

laughingout loud says:

Unless the goku from the other time line learnt ultra

investigate 3/11 says:

He reminds me of tapeion without the mohawk

juan vera says:

they need to put broly into this wtf lol

Regina Austin says:

Jiren most likely helped him because jiren wasn't in the trailer and hit was there in the trailer so I think it was most likely jiren

Regina Austin says:

Everybody can just sit back and let jiren and Goku handle it

Justyn Area 77 pentagon their says:

kakashi zamssou

AppPpLe Apple says:

Wait so Beat and Note are just there for no reason?

Tyson Tube HD says:

I bet we’ll see Goku vs that guy who seems to be their leader
Vegeta vs zamasu
Hit and Kefla vs the baby twins
Jiren vs Cumber
Toppo vs the kiao shin girl

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