Dragon Ball Heroes Episodes 1-5 [English Sub] [HD 60FPS]

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Dragon Ball Heroes Episodes 1,2,3,4, & 5 [English Subs] [HD 60FPS]

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Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1
Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2
Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 3
Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4
Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 5
Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 English Sub,
Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2 English Sub,
Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 3 English Sub,
Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4 English Sub,
Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 5 English Sub,
Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1-5 English Sub
ドラゴンボールヒーローズ 1-5


Anime Gaiden says:

Episode Time-stamps:
Episode 1: 0:00
Episode 2: 6:55
Episode 3: 13:48
Episode 4: 20:48
Episode 5: 27:40

Zion Turay says:

Dude is this a new series or is it just a couple of more episode but it still a game

Thupten Pelmo says:

Why it looks so fake? No theme track , so weird!! Is it fan made or something?

Rito Kazuno says:

They should have given Goku Ultra Instinct in this battle tbh…

Donnie#12 says:

So how come Goku and Vegeta didn't transform into a Great Ape?

Darknaut says:

This is unreal

Someone 2334 says:

Why no gogeta, this sucks.
Now I'm angry!!!!!
Turns super Saiyan
It's over "dragon Ball heroes"……

The Moth says:


kazman art says:

Cooler turned golden so he is golden coola

But if

Cooler turned black he would be coca cola

The Undertaker says:

What if Cumber and Broly fight?Like for broly.comment for cumber

Blazei Masteru says:

the show is pretty bad but i wanna watch something db related and quick, ty for the upload, couldnt find it on 9anime

yo Nismo says:

when is episode 6 coming out

elementor says:


Silas Stryder says:

I like this, If they make enough of these you could compile them into a super fast paced short to regular length movie. Even people who wouldn't normally watch it week to week might be interested if they can get a decent chunk of content in one shot substituting actual plot and depth for longer run times and fight scenes.

Spec Ops says:

Think we'll see ssj4 vegito fusion with ssjg vegito?

Andrew K says:

what the fuck is this garbage, please don't tell me its the continuation of DBS.

Mizu Kookie says:

Spoiler for episode 6 : goku mui is backy

gamer most says:

Oh my god that was so cool

Vic Unga says:

This was cool until that SSJ4 bullsh*t happened. ✋🏾 no thanks

jose diaz says:

Check it out. Super saiyan gogeta fusion dance with super saiyan blue vegito……

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