Dragon Ball Heroes:All Animated Cutscenes/Openings[2010-2017]

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All Cutscenes/Openings For The Dragon Ball Heroes Franchise that have officially been released this year. Specifically it includes a compilation of all Dragon Ball Heroes Openings from 2010-2017. As for the content in this video, it consists of stuff from

Dragon Ball Heroes 0:00

Dragonball Galaxy Mission 8:33

Dragonball JM Mission 17:49

Dragonball God Mission 29:29

Super Dragon Ball Heroes 51:28

Dragon Ball Ultimate Mission 1+2

Super Dragon Ball Heroes 8 was recently added to this. That trailer included characters such as Demon God Dabura, Towa, Mechikabura, Super Saiyan God Beat, Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta, Trunks, and more.


TheGoldenSkull 2.0 says:

If were getting DBH As an Anime now

Does this mean Bardock is returning

Danielly Souza says:

Muito topeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

ShuEditsシュウ says:

an hour of greatness

michael vingerling says:

so sad that people cant play this because its jap only meanwhile i already completed ultimate mission 1 and 2 on 3ds and i am almost finished with ultimate mission x

Glauber Robson says:

Quem foi o burro que pois bosta dessa ai


Para uma animaçao de fã a te que e muonto foda

lorena nicoly oliveira says:

quem esta assistindo em 2018 e amei isso ate ja deixei meu like pq e muito legal

brayan santos says:

the dragon ball heroes is going to my favorites animes.

Bruno Alves says:

Olha eu gosto muito de Dragon Ball Heroes Mas sinceramente não tem nenhuma lógica

gohan gamer says:

The best dragon ball

اسطوره الوحيده جوجو الاسطوره الانمي says:

جوجو جوجو جوجو جوجو جوجو جوجو جوجو جوجو جوجو جوجو جوجو جوجو جوجو جوجو جوجو جوجو جوجو جوجو جوجو

minhhoang le says:

Trunk super sayan 3

Anamarie Decello says:


Anamarie Decello says:


MR/DR says:

اللي عارف انا بقول ايه لايك 😂😂😂😂

THGaming says:

Where was all this when we needed this?

arnold renteria says:

que vergas le paso al braso de super androide 17 en el minuto 30.00

ßßj39ØØØ says:

Wait, where’s beat in sdbh?

ROBLOX Gamer says:

I love this

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