Dragon Ball Super Broly SPOILERS – FULL STORY

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COMPLETE Dragon Ball Super Broly SPOILERS – Welcome to my Dragon Ball Super Broly SPOILER SYNOPSIS has arrived. We discuss the entire movie, Goku vs Broly, Vegeta vs Broly, Frieza vs Broly, Bardock vs Frieza, and the WHOLE STORY. Dragon Ball Super Broly FULL STORY REVEALED here.

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Pdrew says:

I'm goku, and I'm insane

MagusCimarron says:

Not too worried about the lack of Gohan. He's been MIA since the 90's. I hope the final fight deilvers. Broly better not get molly hwopped.

mysticj0 says:

Fan service? Yes. If they dont detail why the dance method is better than the potara then who is better/ stronger

Patrick Henry says:

I just came here for 9:45

Crimson Lion says:

Decided to just watch the spoilers because there's no way i was gonna dodge them the next 2 months…

Elias Jr Martinez says:

Goku and Vegueta are cheaters always teaming up against 1.

Juan Andrade says:

What if Goku and Vegeta fuse using the potaras after the top Vegito would be way stronger than before. So wouldn’t he be stronger than Gogeta

Justin Abaya says:

Couldn't help it…finally had to watch the spoiler video

Ben Jammin says:

Not watching video because i dont want to be spoiled. Just want to know if therw will be ultra instinct.

Tay Gore says:

Better broly origins than the first 1

Matthew Carter says:

Soo no ultra instinct Bummer???

Legendary Productions says:

No UI, No Omen, No Kaioken, No Evolution Blue. Also add the fact that Broly is just a bit stronger than Beerus despite Jiren >> Beerus yet Broly is meant to be the strongest they face = dumb movie

Sauce Walker says:

I'm transgender and i want broly to pump my butt

Combustible Dragon says:

Does anyone know where to watch it? It got released in japan so….

David Burleson says:

I might have missed it but where was Whis?

Eric Johnson says:


meowco69 says:

Wait I see mentions of Gogeta in the comments. So do we get to see Goku and Vegeta perform fusion?

Mark Miller says:

He wants to be 5 cm taller so that he can look Goku in the eyes, at the same height. He hates that he looks down on him.

Matt W says:

I know that we haven't seen Beerus' full strength in action yet, but wasn't it implied that Goku and Jiren were stronger than him at their max power (since Beerus hadn't mastered UI yet)? If so, the fact that there's still doubt in the mind of the cast about Broly being stronger than Beerus or not makes me think the latter has probably gotten A LOT stronger, especially considering Broly is supposed to hold his own against a Gogeta who is made up of stronger-than-TOP versions of Goku and Vegeta. Whether Beerus' power boost is due to some kind of training, mastering UI, or just the writers pulling it out of thin air for the plot, it seems Beerus is still functioning as the receding goalpost of the series.

Topaz x00 says:

Now let's bring back Cell.

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