Dragon Ball Super Episode 127 (English subbed)

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 127

Dragon Ball Super Episode 127

Dragon Ball Super Episode 127 – After defeating the other universes, the universe 7 is involved in real problems due to the great power that Jiren possesses and the ability it has to pass its own level. It is then that the Android Number 17 devises a plan even if he has to sacrifice a great amount of power, taking it to a life or death situation.

The great advantage that Android Number 17 has is undoubtedly the ability to use its 100% unlimited power, making it a very powerful opponent thanks to the level of technique and skills that use against all enemies. In addition to unlimited energy, the Android Number 17 has shown to have super speed and an intricate sense of natural strategy for the battle, since it was he who has planned the defeat of the last 4 warriors before Jiren and Toppo.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 127

It is curious that we talk about life dealing with an android but remember that in the Saga of Cell it was established that once revived who’s cell killed, all returned with human properties and therefore, alive.

Undoubtedly Dragon Ball Super will bring us pleasant and new surprises that will leave us at the edge of the seat immersed in emotions by the great battle that looms.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 127 – A Life-Risking Strategy?!

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Ayman Mallam-Hassam says:

Android 17 was coming so cool and then even damage Jiren that much, he is indeed the MVP.

salty6yearold says:


Shawn Brown says:

17 really smart he no physically he cant beat toppo nd jirn but he uses his infinity energy nd his ki not being directed too his advantage..he jumped his ass right behind goku🤣😂

Suspect says:

Who would win?
Hulk's Pants
Jiren's Shirt

SSMike31 says:

If having a hole in your clothes makes you damaged then hell yeah! 17 damaged Jiren so much that no amount of sewing can save him!

Mamduh Nedal says:

1:28 why doesn't toi understand that a character looks cool by what he does, not when other characters say he is.

ゆがんだむ says:


Kent Pham says:

Junanago-fuck yourself.

Michael Lyons says:

Damn that vegeta transformation looked awesome in this scene

Catmandew 1 says:

He only did 17 damage

Hundaloso says:

1:18 This cheap animation…..

Ronnie Bush says:

So where was all this cleverness against cell 17?

xDwelleR says:

It says damages, not injures. What does that make Jiren? I mean what the hell is he lmao

Killotrex says:

C 17 does not have sense to exist…

I would prefer Ub.

xralchemist says:

Goddammit did the writers even watch the original shows. Just show saiyan saga raditz 1 shotting frieza while youre at it

Rayane Aboud says:

This is stronger than fina flash and super kamehameha blue

金九段以上十段未満で何故か金大将 says:


Konaark Bajaj says:


Dougy doug says:

'' even jiren does not have that weakness that a suprise attack can hit him '' (Hit, the guy that fucking time travels could not hit jiren with a suprise hit)

17: HOWDY MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!! I just grab your arm and hit you in the back hihihihihi!
(this is 100% pure fucking bullshit)

Raishin Egg says:

1:39 Constipated Vegeta

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