Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 New Preview, Goku Master Ultra Instinct, Goku Vs Jiren

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 New Preview, Goku Master Ultra Instinct, Goku’s Ultra Instinct, Goku Vs Jiren, DBS 129 New Preview, Dragon Ball Super

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AnimxHD says:

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Redman A says:

when the preview is better than the episode

Nicholas Buckstead says:

I love goku. Such an innocent and easy going character but has so much power. I can’t believe people complain about him taking the wins. He’s always been the main character and he makes dragon ball what it is. Not that the other characters are bad or shouldn’t win sometimes, they are great as well, but how can you dislike goku?

Crisho Striper says:

δραφον βαλλ <έ

Shinokill lel says:

0:37 where can i find this EXACT ost, i know it's the ultra instinct theme but it sounds way better here

Skullcrush You Know It says:

This is so fake

Milan De Smet says:

Ceiling admit develop round star basket supporter sorry branch.

johnroy benito says:

wow galing talaga ahh hahaha wow magic

patel hardik says:

Episode 129 all parts subtitles in English

lol24797 says:

When does the new episode come out brothers,

Daniel says:

Dragon ball z has always been a legendary anime.

Anime Reviews 100 says:

can anyone tell me we're is Freza

Gabriel Salva says:

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqbq4KaVsOQgEJhXssNiKRA me ajudem aí por favor meu canal só falta dois escritos para bater 200

Filipe Sainhas says:

Why is there more than 2 gods in the arena?? Why didn t they disapear if there´s only 2 universes left?

Kakashihab Uddin says:

Full episode here on youtube thank me later https://youtu.be/3kty1RfThsM

Trevor Salazar says:

AS DAVE CHAPELLE are your ears soo brittle BAN

haytionette says:

Vegeta is the real hero in this show. He defeated a fucking god!

Tom says:

Even though I haven't been a fan of this anime for the most part but this fight is pretty epic. However it's still pales in comparison to the raditz fight in dbz

Francis 2005 says:


free intro

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