DRAGON BALL SUPER EPISODE 131 English Subbed [REACTION!!!] The Grand Finale!!!!

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What an incredible series guys, and a good ending . Can’t wait to see what’s next!!!!!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 English Subbed [REACTION!!!]


Enrique Carranza Bello says:

Hi! excuse me, where do you buy that shirt?

Ultra instinct Goku says:

So in the end the Android who thought of everyone but himself won

Time Shift says:

Anime Live Reactions

Moon Man says:

this dude is a fucking try hard

végéto -sama says:

Est la fin alors…

Anshumaan Tiwari says:

You missed the ending

Dead Mouse says:

Do u know da wae

Fernando Gonzalez says:

So they brought freiza back what abouy king kai he is still dead

Nono71 Du says:

You are black broly bro

Alonzo Scott says:

Dragon ball Z is real shit. People can have the ability to just a super saiyan. Well if people truly believe in themself. And don't let somebody tell them it's impossible . everything is possible. PEOPLE don't know what's truly possible. Kids have the most belief in something that people called not possible. Cause adults let their parents kill their imagination. Made them to only believe in so called real life with slave jobs. Working for bullshit ass money. The matrix system isn't real life shit. It's this 3 dimensional illusion. People have lack of knowledge. And like thinkin inside the box.

Fabi0 Tanker says:

After that song it has an 1-2 min video check it -_-

Alonzo Scott says:

Freezer probably gonna act like he's friends with goku family. Then bring back jiren to team up with him

ibrahim aldandal says:

والله مافي احلى من انطباعك يا معلم احسنت …..

el CAPTAÏN says:

You do look amazing in that shirt.

Saleh Ahmed says:

That was good

GlitterxD says:

The funny thing is even master ultra instinct goku wasn't even on beerus's level

imran asad says:

You are preety dumb after the credits there something very important goku talk that he can't turn back into ultra instinct he was able to do it accidentally

Rt gtz says:

Is the rock impression apart of his shtick??

BD Superfan - Mal Stage 2 says:

Damn he looks hella sexy in that Vegeta gear… 😍

DragonBallSuperTV says:

Yo Subscribe to my channel for more Dragon Ball content

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