Dragon ball Super Episode 131 Final Reactions

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Sorry guys the video is a little fuzzy but here’s My kids last reactions to Dragon ball Super final episode. They’re truly heart broken about the show ending. I’ll never hear the end of it. Lol

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alexhander amethyst says:

i really love freezy as villain before, and now i love him more as z fighter.. 👍

Carol Peletier says:

Loved the energy

Sparkle Roblox says:


Tzouk Garashe says:

To bad it was not Vegeta beating up jiren with Goku.
Frieza fucking sucks and the way they ended the last episode is fucking lame!

DGames says:

9:53 she midfingering jiren. So dumb.

Jacks Son says:

Algud it never ogre till its ogre

supersilverhazeroker says:

these are legit reactions not one of those camera conscious people continuously talking to the camera in stead of just filming their legit reaction.

majin vegeta says:

Great reaction, love to see people with Dragonball passion

Saleh Ahmed says:

That what I did 9:52

M.E.S. RIVAS says:

everyone in the video was chilled but the goof in the black shirt had to open that damn mouth.

MRTUPAC 28 says:

Did he actually say "Lets go Jiren" at the beginning of the video? 😂😂😂😂😂 WTF?

Ghir Dahk says:

Wtf 168 abone 175 653 vus -!!!!

Paul Revere says:

i am still crying cause it ended lol

陈安顺. says:

Awesome reaction!☺☺☺

satrio sv says:

great reaction 🤘

Naruto Uzumaki says:

The tournament ended with last man standing not by time out lol…

Bruno Rocha says:

numero 17 regaço ;D

DarkRaffy says:

very cool reaction ! one of the best reaction I have see ^_^

jacob harris says:

Goku is the best that's my favorite is goku

Jeny Novales says:

Aww i loved the pregnated lady!! She'll have a little saiyan! 😍

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