Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Finale and Dragon Ball Super Movie Trailer Explained

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Finale, Dragon Ball Super Movie Trailer Explained, Next Dragon Ball Series and Goku, Frieza, Jiren and 17 Scene ► https://bit.ly/AwesomeSubscribe
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Emergency Awesome says:

Here's my first Dragon Ball Super video. I didn't know so many of my subscribers were fans of the series. So let me know if you want me to do episode videos when the next Dragon Ball series starts. They would be Saturday videos. So they don't compete with any other regular videos I do. Thanks!

the alster says:

Keep em comin

nonnonsence says:

Kind of looks like Broly and maybe you do once a month wrap up because each episode just doesn't have enough in it

Austin Graver says:

I love this video you have some much insight and learn something new all of the time!

Marlon Roberto Menjivar Menjivar says:

Me: Man, this channel can't get better.

Charlie: Hold my beer.

Furaizadon says:

Getting some anime content from you would be awesome 👍🏾

Julius Maxwell says:

More dragonball!

erwin paz says:

17 the mother fking MVP of the series

Kennedy Samarakody says:

Its Yamoshi, the first super saiyan and super saiyan god.

Ranphy Alejandro says:

Yes cover it Charlie

Gaming With Chippy says:

It is past Goku father

Bazooka Joe says:

I love the animation they used for the trailer

beashoreProductions says:

Do it I would love to see you cover all things dragon ball

Aluka says:


A. Fahervi says:

I'm totally onboard with more dragon ball on your channel, keep the good work

Luis Lujan says:

It would be great to see more Dragon Ball content here.

Jose Rivera says:

I was like no way he’s doing a review!!! AHHH so excited lol

Richard Sityar Quiambao says:

Yes Sir! You reviewed DBS!!!! Yo!!!!!

Neil Lobo says:

This is amazing!! Thank you Charlie. Yes, we would live more DB videos.


What a load of crap. Jiren wasn't even willing to fight to save his universe , he was fighting for a wish.

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