Dragon ball super episode 131 finale reaction.. @Pasetikaboys

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Members of the Pasetikaboys band together for the final episode of dragon ball super.. best finale ever.. emotional wreck right now lol

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Felipe Cesar de Oliveira says:

ronaldinho gaucho in react… nice!

Priscilla Freeman says:

keep doing it. You are all so entertaining

Faalifu Kalo says:

Awesome reaction mates.

Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku says:

Awesome reaction bro

Samar Preet says:

Did you get the old vegeta vs Goku stand up . it was iconic.


tôi thích dragon ball và cảm ơn các bạn dành tình cảm cho nó

henry kitchenman says:

lil mc dons while you get it in with super, niceeeee

Future Trunks says:

Nice reaction!!!

うさぎ says:

\( 'ω')/

Rapstar King says:

So happy bor thnxxx bor

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