Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Images Reveals!!

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Source : Dragon Ball Super Twitter ( Retweet )

Song : Friedrich Habetlar Music


Dragon Ball Hype. says:

Takahashi's art in the final episode of series looks godly!!

Jesus Ayala Gomez says:

Suscríbanse ami canal por favor hoy subí el nuevo capítulo de Dragon Ball súper el final

Erik Gutierrez says:

Anyone the song name

AutobotQuincy says:

The question is… what universe are we in?

Wrapé Squad says:

Whis revives frezia, Android 17 wishes every universe back your welcome

fullanime OMG says:

me gustan muchos los videos de este canal , yo apenas empece con mi canal y no tengo ningun suscriptor 🙁

Calvin Jones says:

the writers ran out of ideas and just want to finish the series as soon as possible no matter how sloppy and poorly written the show is

whiskers says:

yuya makes watching dragon ball super feel like you watching z….and i love it!

dewey coxx says:

everyone else ready to watch a legendary show be flushed down the toilet by awful writing staff!

Mac DeMacu says:

The animation still continues!

Rayaadh Hoda says:

What's gogoijnh to happen to your channel man

Gmama 2016 says:

Sooooooooo……….. It's coming out today?

David Mutchler says:

Team Jiren 🙂

clorox bleach says:

Is this coming tommorow

Messi Neymar says:

The animation looks sweat

ronnie banik says:

Why won't they just let goku win wtf

Elijah Barajas Watches says:

Freiza doing all the work

ブレードの角度/Angel Of Blades says:

Saving the best for last eh?

Ahsan Ansari says:

@EPIC ! CIPE hahahaha

Dokkan Vicus says:

Passate dal mio canale e se volete iscrivetevi, faccio video di Dokkan Battle e altri giochi

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