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Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Debrief: Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell Goku! Until We Meet Again – This is it! The end of Dragon Ball Super! Jiren has to take on the remainder of Universe 7 with only 30 seconds left. Who will win the Tournament of Power and what will the wish be? Let’s talk about this live!

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ignatiusonfire says:

video starts at 1:40 in case anyone is wondering

Adam Malloy says:

@MasakoX you should have said that Jiren drank SunnyKi to get that strong (A play on SunnyD, not sure if you have that beverage where you are)

dai says:

Thank you Masako until he next Super Debrief!

Bradymac 75 says:

what if Gohan kept training

One Eyed Owl says:

Masako.. The MVP android 17 i had was a bit accurate… now I want to share about 17's wish was so broad (not specific for tournament of power) could it be possible that the previous universes that was destroyed prior tournament of power was also restored? i mean theres no point why whiz shared that information right? please respond on this bro.

DevilJin says:

Masako, here's a what if. What if Copy Vegeta was never defeated or what if Goku and Vegeta were both copied

Jmoney182NY says:

What if Goku and Caulifla mated?

R0tten_VaNDaL says:

So i had an idea for another "What If" that people might like and I didn't know where to put it that it'd get attention other than the most recent MasakoX vid 😛 so heres the idea, What if Hercule (or Mr. Satan whichever you prefer) decided to train using ki? I figure it'd begin probably sometime after the Cell Saga but if you wanna keep him true to his character of making excuses maybe we could make it so that he doesn't really start training in ki until after he witnesses, and assists, in the defeat of kid buu. Any thoughts, fans? 🙂

Ed SkyNight says:

Hey Masako if your reading this I want to say that I love your what if series, even if I’ve only started watching it I really liked the scenarios, the first I’ve watched was of raditz is good and currently I’ve been watching if Nappa was good. Looking at both I actually want to know if you’ll be doing a series called what if Nappa and Raditz were good. I am very curious as too what kind of turn it would take. Please respond when you read this, thank you.

staticshadic says:

I called dragon ball super guilty pleasure

Ardomew says:

While I wish there was another episode or two to truly wrap up the story, this was still a great episode. Looking forward to what comes next out of DB!

Alex Farmer says:

I would of enjoyed if Goku used the Super Dragon Fist to punch Jiren out of the ring

Ade117 says:

Masako, I would like to see a Top 10 Super episodes from you now that Super is wrapped up!

Mischa Gurtovoy says:

How did Guku go super sayian at the last moment?

BlackThane says:

it was probably best episode of super, at last for me, Jiren vs Goku, Frieza and #17 was amaizing, Goku and Frieza fighting together even more (that "throw me" was epic), only there were two things that could make it even better, when #17 was on boat i expected Launch coming from around the corner with kids running towards #17 and Frieza ressurecting Ginyu Force/Zarbon, Dodoria and Cui to train together to become even more stronger.

Silas Stryder says:

Lol what if the first conflict against Freeza post tournament is him working with the space poachers because they'll tell him how to get to new namek if he does them a favor and 17 needs Gokus help again? lol

Freeza: Wait, THIS is the planet you're getting that stupid horn from?? DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHO LIVES ON THIS PLANET??

Robert Seeberger says:

Dragon Ball 7 anyone?

Robert Seeberger says:

I suspect that when Dragonball returns to television it will have a new name, in other words it wont be "Super". It will have a name that reflects the direction and aims of the new series.

Waalied Matthews says:

Masako you are just the best and one of my all time favorite YouTubers


Would be awes9me if tfs does super like z….id buy a DVD of that fr.

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