Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 MORE Voice Actor Interviews

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Today we discuss the interviews with Android 17 and Frieza’s voice actors from Reddit about the Dragon Ball Super Finale PLUS we look at some storyboards. MINOR Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Spoilers.

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KingIceHunter says:

Frieza will always be your friendly neighborhood prick. I hope he becomes a destroyer eventually.

Jose Contreras says:

I'd like to see Frieza as like, an antihero. Kinda like Lethal Protector Venom or…a more dickish Deadpool..

ssjss vegeto says:

I am the only who thinks that if freiza turns good, that means we will see more of him than if he was bad (he wold be gone and never seen again… again).

mack da mech says:

All these fan boys predictions are wrong ..now go delete your channel for all these lies ….

Retro Madness says:

There should be a scene we’re Goku negotiates with Freiza thanking him and then the wish to bring him back but then freiza Refuses And says Hell is a better place for him after everything he’s done but then something better happens for freiza as Gokus way of thanking him

Aytgh says:

Frieza being the ultimate evil is too iconic. So, no. I do not want Frieza to reform

xxleanx x says:

what times does it aire

Banana Cage says:

Freeza could become good but still do malicious things to other people

bankaiapples says:

I've been thinking about the movie teaser, what if they do something we would never expect. What if frieza sees the potential in saiyans through watching Goku and Vegeta, then decides to rebuild his forces by wishing to bring back the saiyans but have them in his control. Probably not but it could be cool.

Vegarot Gaming says:

Frieza may develope respect for his former enemies no longer filled with rage and bent on revenge . As an unwanted side affect his soul is no longer trapped in hell and passes on.

christopher daniels says:

the wish will likely be to bring EVERYONE whom was in the tournament back to life.

Fuzion Faytal says:

It’s revealed goku and Friza fuse and goes super ultra instinct kao ken x100 And that’s how they win

JPin says:

Turn Freezer as a good guy is ruining the character.

Dustin Hill says:

Reform is in Dragon Ball's nature. Toriyama loves turning the bad guys good, so why not? Let' see, we got;

Android 16
Android 17
Android 18
And Buu, if you count his reincarnation, Uub.

These were all Goku' number 1 rivals at some point in Dragon Ball.

O Silva says:

Freeza has reformed by helping Goku and friends save their universe .. I think doing that instantly takes him out of hell, hey king yemma might as well give him life …. They way Dragonball is now freeza doesn't need to be evil so I see him following vegeta resolve (surpassing goku) coz at the end of the day it all about getting stronger and world domination ain't doing that

Arthur Henderson says:

Also, Freeza = Deadpool. He can only ever be so good or the character won't work. I think.

j00c3 E d3uc3 says:

I definitely wouldn’t want frieza to reform. The reason he’s always stayed relevant is because he was such an evil unchanging character. Pure sadist. Unchanging even after all the chances he’s had. Even cell would be more believable as a reformed bad guy. Never frieza.

Arthur Henderson says:

As a fan, I really wanted 17 to make it to the end, but I didn't think that would EVER happen. IMO its one of the most interesting parts of the story!

izzy iz says:

Well the Androids did meet Gohan later on in the history of trunks.

Big_Bad_Buu says:

Frieza is gonna knock out Jiren.

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