Dragon Ball Super episode 131 preview (English subbed)

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Anthony Turner says:

In the end the show remembered what a lot of us adult fans always forget: It’s a preschool Japanese boy’s fight anime with the message of never giving up and friendship is the greatest power of all.

I knew the reset button was going to be hit and TBH given how very few of the fighters from the other universe were portrayed as evil having them stay erased would have been a real bummer. Even Jiren was sympathetic in the end.

The series introduced a lot of great characters that I’ll be happy to see show up again… and in some cases a spin-off would not be unwelcome. Beerus v. Food or something where he tours the universes looking for tasty treats. Ribrianne’s The Bachelorette. And there was some character growth for all of our DBZ favorites… who aren’t named Son Goku.

In the end, I don’t feel as if I wasted my time watching the show.

8 Final Flashes out of 10



Snowpirate says:

I need another anime to watch cause attack on titan is out for another 2 years and dbs is stopping

perko Z7 says:

Final episode of Dragon Ball super episode 131 with English subs link: https://youtu.be/EkgzLWUbz5s full HD episode

Beyonder TV says:

Ew ribrianna is back

Purpy the meme boi says:

Goodbye, Dragon Ball Super. (Everyone type that in chat)

A Jolteon says:

I'm from the future to say that this episode was indeed a finale. It's like a Limit Breaker, but a Budget Breaker instead.

Kevin Shea says:

I want to box Goku in real life

KiiD Ct says:

Spoiler alert U7 wins and U11 gets erased but No. 17 ends up bringing everybody back

Angel the Human says:

we all knew they were going to win because how else would future trunks be in one of the arcs

Stanley Animations says:


Harry Hippo says:

it's not mastered ultra instinct, it's complete!!! If it was mastered then he wouldn't have had the god energy backlash. Also after whis told beerus goku did it, beerus said it was the "complete ultra instinct"

Vhazh Santos says:

universe 7 only hope is mr satan!

Elyas Gaming says:

beerus looks happy in the end so i guess they win

GL0 AM says:

Goku is leaving ☹️ this is why my profile picture is the old turtle hermit gi from Dragon ball and my background will be goku leaving it will be that forever ☹️I’m so sad goku is leaving his fans

blazedandahalf says:

Man, hopefully we get a somewhat satisfying ending. I don't understand how they are going to fit the rest of the fight, the victory of whatever universe wins, the erasing of the one that loses, the introduction, and usage of the super dragonballs, finding out what said wish is, whatever filler is in between that and then the ending of the episode.

Have a feeling it's going to be unsatisfying and feel rushed considering this is the last episode before the movie in december and with how long the tournament has been.

Samuel Vasquez says:

Is this tonight or do we have to wait two weeks?

madaraoluv2 says:

Goku wishes every universe erased back, no question

NaMe Of A pErSoN says:


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