Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Reaction | FAREWELL GOKU!!!

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We are finally here for the Last episode of Dragon Ball Super And It was Absolutely Epic!!!

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Watch Episode 130 Reaction – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuQZnLn-xCM

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WesSideLive says:

Dragon Ball Super might’ve ended but it’s time for a new generation. My hero Academia!!!!
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SSB Gogeta says:

soooooooooo if your still kicking dat dragon ball shit and a new dragon ball series comes out will you react to dat shits

Dee Bee Geek says:

It's been a great journey my dude!! Here's to the future!! We need to collaborate!! Keep on keep'n on brother!! 🙂

Jericho Euplas says:

I’m not sure but I think dragon ball super will continue later on

Bryan Prince says:

Did anyone peep that at the end the fighting stance goku and vegeta had was the same when they fought in DBZ kai

Son Goku says:

I hope super comes back just for your reactions man. You are my favorite reactor on YouTube bro. Your humor honesty inspires me and makes me happy. Thanks man.

Casey Monroe says:

I don’t think we’ve seen the last of the series yet! Always love your content…keep up the great work and can’t wait to see your reviews on My Hero Academia!!

8397aot CUBER says:

Order #11511

Jonathon Harris says:

Order #11510

ProblemSolverEF says:

So long Super a part of me will miss you …. Oh look "my hero academia season 3, and JoJo dub" is coming.

Super saiyan 4 gogeta But goku messed up the fusion says:

React to dragon ball X

Emmanuel Jimenez says:

you seemed a little less passionate in this reaction compared to your last few videos :/…was thinking youd be more hype about frieza/Goku tag team and 17 taking the W

Ricardo Barron says:

hello west side loved the reaction could you tell me the song name from kid goku that you played in the beginnig intro please

Massive Powerup says:

React to one piece

CammyBahama says:

Been waiting all day for your reaction

SSGSS Vegito says:

The series isn't over it's coming around in around April or In a few years after the movie.

borng007 says:

Order #11498

cam says:

Been waiting for you all damn day man😂😂

Peter Crader Jr says:

im here to stay!!!!


Wait, does it mean the 2 universe that zeno-sama erased before this tournament also brought back to life? or not?

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