Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Review: Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell Goku! Until We Meet Again

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GET VRV PREMIUM: www.vrv.co/geekdom | The END OF DRAGON BALL SUPER! Freeza, 17, and Goku vs Jiren in the FINAL BATTLE of Dragon Ball Super featuring Universe 7 vs Universe 11. How can Universe 7 win the Tournament of Power? Who will get the wish?

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Geekdom101 says:

After seeing the Crunchyroll translation, AS I SAID IN THE REVIEW – the Toppo/Jiren conversation makes sense. Toppo said that they established a connection DURING the TOP with his friends and even called him a coward. That was good stuff.

John Doe says:

Legend has it, hit's clone is still in the ToP…


Uub is a dub! Forget about him he will Not Ever appear in super. Ever!

sludge city says:

I'm gonna miss my routine of every Saturday watching the new dbs episode then watching your review's.end of a sugoi era

jid de says:

17 wished for all erased universe to be restored. Does that include U13-16? They were all erased as well.

Brian Bailey says:

My fav episode of all DB, DBZ, DBGT, and DBS. Movie animation and fight scenes. What about Whis and His sister saying "Perhaps Zeno sama has expectations that Goku and his friends can change something. Something that mortals can change." Also the evil being that Jiren faced. And also all erased universes revived; so even the pasted erased ones and the future timeline.


The episode was amazing and given the time they had I feel they maximized what they had to work with. Was great to see goku and frieza work together. Android 17 winning it all was a shocker. Just a feel good episode. And hats off to Jiren he isn't an android! He was fatigued to the point that frieza could compete and it made sense for him to finally lose, he did great

Wai Ken Wang says:

Most likely DB will be back in 2019 cuz 2020 is Tokyo Olympic and our main hero Goku is the game ambassador.

Anthony Turner says:

In the end the show remembered what a lot of us adult fans always forget: It’s a preschool Japanese boy’s fight anime with the message of never giving up and friendship is the greatest power of all.

I knew the reset button was going to be hit and TBH given how very few of the fighters from the other universe were portrayed as evil having them stay erased would have been a real bummer. Even Jiren was sympathetic in the end.

The series introduced a lot of great characters that I’ll be happy to see show up again… and in some cases a spin-off would not be unwelcome. Beerus v. Food or something where he tours the universes looking for tasty treats. Ribrianne’s The Bachelorette. And there was some character growth for all of our DBZ favorites… who aren’t named Son Goku.

In the end, I don’t feel as if I wasted my time watching the show.

8 Final Flashes out of 10

Abdul Bah says:

17 carried the whole team throughout the whole tournament

Stormsquad says:

I think you forgot the biggest part, Jiren smiles and is happy to see Goku standing in front of him

Brad Miles says:

Do you think the other 6 universe's got restore??

Hurricanelive says:

I'm glad they pushed the end fast, they didn't need half the TOP, it was just garbage filler that could have been used for another arc to wrap up maybe Sadala, Pan, Bra, Mai, Dr Rota, maybe meet young Uub, ect. Even 9 Episodes, could have been torn out of TOP and made into a nice slice of life arc for us to decompress and set up all these wonderful things in the future, even in a time skip. Jiren made a friend! Awwww! Now he has power of friendship!

kabitokai sama says:

Yes I did cry when 17 made his wish I am happy he didn't make his original wish and wished back everyone who was in the tournament I was shocked that whis was Abel to bring freeza back wit his magic I didn't even know he can do this

DigiDestined13 says:

I want to take the time to thank you, Geekdom, for doing these reviews (when you never actually had to) and giving us all the news about Super over the past couple years. It's also thanks to channels like yours that the Dragon Ball community is more informed about the facts and rumors that surround this series, and I hope you continue to do that kind of content.

As for the episode… I liked it. I felt the ending was absolutely rushed, but I had a feeling that it was going to be, so while it's kind of annoying, I can deal.

Mike Smith says:

You missed that they showed bulma's sister at the end

QJD1381 says:

"This is Dragonball, the wrongs are always righted"

…Unless you're poor Future Trunks.

DatBoyC 88 says:

I see why there's almost 3k dislikes, Episode was GREAT 👍🏿. Didn't feel rushed to me, makes perfect sense Freeza and 17 being able to fight Jiren. Jiren IS TIRED and mentally affected, which is why the Toopo pep talk boosted Jiren. If Jiren powered up like that Freeza and 17 woulda been eliminated instantly. The Goku teaming up with Freeza was historic and every Universe 🌌 like we expected was wished back. No complaints at all!

Htliven says:

Man when Goku and Frieza started fighting together holy cow and the about to have a stroke look on Vegeta's face I think that's the closest any of them came to dying lol

Torogikamlon says:

Narrator at the end:
The endless challenge to go beyond all limits continues.
When a new, unknown powerful enemy appears, Goku and his friends' adventures will begin again.

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