Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Review!! Season Finale!!

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Hunter7177 says:

Black clover

BHoll76 says:

Do Overlord Season 1 and 2 and Black CLover

Lionel Turner says:

Do black clover

James Greggs says:

Do attack on titan lmao

Fnfcudder 91 says:

Dawg seeing this last review gave me way more emotions than when I was watching the finale

Mike Cabby says:

Might as well check out that Kitaro anime out right?

David Clark says:

Please do hunte X hunter, by the time you get it done it'll be time for the movie. There's lots of channels switching over to My Hero, so do something different. Love your videos, keep up the good work.đŸ‘ŠđŸŒ

Seth Carlucci says:

Please watch an anime called FLCL it only has 6 episodes per season and season 2 & 3 will be coming out later this year! Please keep in mind this anime is about 10 years old if I'm not mistaken and we as fans of this can't wait for it to return! It is also a coming of age story so please cut it some slack in certain areas. Thanks Daquan!

Black Raiden says:

My hero please bruh

dragonballfranchise fanatic says:

Yeah do English Dub of Super

Maantrel Graham says:

Yes please do dbs dub

Team Ultra Instinct, G-Gamer 710 says:

One punch man. Attack on Titan & Naruto

ThisChannelisSarcasm says:


SvpremeNash says:

Do attack on titan

Alonzo Providence says:

Yo do Kuroko Basketball real talk

Jaylon Allison says:

Cover english dub

i recon post says:

One piece please

No Role Modelz says:

Do Gurren Lagann!

Brett Robinson says:

Black cover

mrdemare777 says:

We need u out here fam!!!!

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