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Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Review: Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell Goku! Until We Meet Again – This is it! The end of Dragon Ball Super! Jiren has to take on the remainder of Universe 7 with only 30 seconds left. Who will win the Tournament of Power and what will the wish be? Analysis time! A Dragon Ball Super reaction to the ending!


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MasakoX says:

Please note, there may be de-syncing of the audio as the video is processed from YouTube's end. It will correct itself once completed. Thank you for your patience!

ZekeStaright says:

Man that was satisfying… I can't wait to see the new movie & what future Dragonball series comes to be.

90sXP says:

Music at the end was str8 Fire

Hurricanelive says:

17 got a promotion from Park Ranger to Ranger of the entire multiverse. 16 would be so proud!

Chris Brady says:

I thought the team up was amazing! Gave me so much joy seeing those two work together like that!

TheRishab911 says:

Who did these subs? lol

chaos-moon says:

8:08 Jiren face: mmmm

chaos-moon says:

Jiren coughing up spit!!!!! 😱

Camando Cari says:

time to add beerus to the 'wasted character box™'

DigiDestined13 says:

That's… a lot of fan art.

In all seriousness, I agree. There was a lot to like about this episode, but it was a very rushed conclusion.

Ragnorosrising 1462 says:

So when 17 Resurrected ALL ERASED universes, do you think it brought back the 6 that Zeno erased long before the tournament?
As whis stated before: "There used to be 18 universes, however, Zeno-sama grew angry and erased 6 of them."

WolfOfSolace says:

Goku and Frieza working together
PrinceofallSaiyans.exe has stopped.

Ding ding says:

I think Goku can only activate UI when he’s REALLY in trouble. EP 130 definitely won’t be the end of UI.

Torogikamlon says:

Goku, like every other Shonen main character can change bad people to good people. Period. (sometimes)
But Frieza is aaaalllllliiiiivvveeee! and he just re assembled his intergalactic force. now what is he planning now.
Jiren just became another ally/sparring partner/fighter friend thanks to Goku and company.
We still don't know if 17's wish included the other 6 universes from the original 18 universes of DRAGON BALL.

Pokemon05 Yahmir says:

Goku didn't steal barrier both him and broly cell can make barrier

Lucifer Taylor says:

It's been a truly wonderful journey. I'm glad I got to take this journey with you Masako, thanks for all your reviews and explanations.

Torogikamlon says:

Narrator at the end:
The endless challenge to go beyond all limits continues.
When a new, unknown powerful enemy appears, Goku and his friends' adventures will begin again.

Daniel Rodriguez says:

I hope someone sent Dr Gero a gift basket in hell for creating the Androids.

dayneplaylogic says:

You know what. I think the meme was the best part…and I didn't make it in time. So imma try to get my instinct in before next time.

Bob the builder Ok says:

is this the last episode in super?

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