Dragon Ball Super Episode 83 – Bulla is born – English Dub

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borko says:

For all of you who wondered how Vegeta wanted to name his daughter:

Kamari Pope says:

Really I’m a dude but the easy way out of child birth should be this if u pregnant

Makarov2k says:

who else wonna see grown up bulla ?

Random Maker says:

Confirmed, trunks will die protecting her lol

Antonio Hristov says:

whis is such a badass

trash and lucky says:

Vegeta-bulla = vegetable

AceMyers says:

It’s actually fucked up that Present Trunks literally has the damn world and Future Trunks doesn’t have shit 😞

Noah Suptho says:

Bulma is such a bitch. She got to name Trunks she couldn't let Vegeta name the next one?

Moe Shindeiru says:

But I want to know what Vegeta wanted to name her

Rocky Y says:

That's not all Bulla. Whis put a part of himself insider her too. During the God War Arc. Some of the gods die and their angles shut off. Whis did this incase he shuts down and can re-manifest through Bulla.

Alton Rodgers says:

@2:05 she shitted on goku 😂😂😂😂

Latoya Shepperd says:

Yo suck it up vegeta don't go naming vegetables names for a baby this ain't planet vegeta no more😆

Over AntiMano says:

Super baby Bulla should be the youngest super sayian

José The Fortnite Player says:

Say a name Baby Cry’s say a name It likes Starts Laughing

TOP_WSP says:

Oof,… now I want to rewatch the series again

Lawrence Roberts Jr says:

Look got dammit dont I get a say in this well vegeta bulma beat ya to it.

Michael Bootes says:

Love that Vegeta is just a big Tsundere

Doge The meme that will never die says:

Ladys and Gentlemen, this is how babys are born…


Wait is trunks a traditional sayin name


What would a traditional sayin name be for a girl

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