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HUGE Dragon Ball Super News BLAST covering TONS OF NEW information including Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Spoilers, Dragon Ball Legends, New Saiyans, Dragon Ball Super Movie GLOBAL Release, comments from the voice actors and more.

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BuriedAliveInterlude says:

I thought universe 6 sayians didn't have tails though ? so how could you speculate hes from U6 ?

mr .poopytime says:

The character has a tail of course he's from universe 7s planet sadal…

Miatna Moto says:

Whenever I watch one of your vids I put it on 2x speed

pookpik pompam says:


Chris Williams says:

Hey blackenfist I mean geekdom

KingIceHunter says:

Piccolo may get his power up yet!!!!

TheTriangle444 says:

Well the last episode was underwhelming, mostly ok
130 was better

The New Patriot says:

It may be possible DBSuper, or a new DB show, may take a different time slot than the one it has been in for the past few years (correct me if I am wrong, as I don’t know if Japanese television works like that, but it would seem to me it should be plausible). Secondly, the past few incarnations of Gegege no Kitaro have always hovered around ~115 episodes each, thus it could end up going for about that length of time.

John McDonagh says:

I have a theory what if the sayian from the teaser and legends sayian are both from the past from universe 7's Sadala. How I have no idea. The movie villian is their Raditz warning Goku that not all the sayians went to planet Vegeta. They've been living in hiding for years and now are big enough to take over. That's the purpose of the movie to jump into super or the new series. The 1st saga can be a whole sayian war

1337upyours says:

If you are going to enunciate Japanese names you should practice the language more it sounds funny. But good videos! Keep it up! Very Informative!

peter griffin says:

ofcoarse jiren is not evil he is justice leaguej

Terry Carnley says:

Trust me Geekdom101 this movie is like the averagers its going to be a woldwide release sub/dub at the same time its too popular not to.

trayvon alston says:

keep up the great work

trayvon alston says:

I got to tell your my favorite dragon ball youtuber bc you keep it 100 and work hard at what you do

THE MAWK says:

I feel like they're just hinting at Dragon Ball coming back in general, not necessarily Super, since Vegeta's VA specifically said Super's "climax"

Alex Seibert says:

Here’s some advice: quit it with the 19 minute bullshit. This is 3 minutes of info. Condense it. You’re doing the research. If you want more views, again, CONDENSE IT. SEO reacts to average watch time. Most people scrub through this. Lazy editing is only hurting yourself.

Moneymaker1939 says:

Dragon ball super is gonna end they will bring back z

IB Living says:

I can't guarantee it but the only other Saiyan alive we know of is Vegetas brother the video game and the image new character looks like him! What if little brother is all grown up and is a prodigy yes he was week smaller in his introduction but he is also a direct decedent of the king. What if he has tapped into his limits and where Vegeta was a dud he has become the beast of genetics he looks just like the game animation he's the only saiyan we know is alive from years ago ijs

Brian Kubinec says:

Where did you get the thumbnail from? It looks cool🤔

Alan_ Alien_Wizard says:

Thumbnail picture plz?

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