Dragon Ball Super Movie: Broly – Dub Trailer 2

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The latest Dragon Ball Super movie: Broly comes to theaters in North America on January 16, 2019 dubbed!

Stay tuned for future updates of the movie about the strongest Saiyans.


Fernando Valles says:

Looks so beautiful and it's coming so soon… Come on no matter what kind of fan you are DB,Z,S… I guess GT sorta counts but no matter what kind of fan you are, you can not be not hyped for this!

Israel Maceda says:

I have the movie it cost 15$

Moon732 says:

All jokes aside I’m sick and tired of the same movie OVER & OVER

Citizen Bias says:

This art style is so much better than what ever DBS has ever put out.

Delano Gordon says:

love the animation

Lanister Starlight says:

Prediction : Garlic Jr. returns from the Dead Zone and one shots Broly.

Legendragon says:

Frieza has no armor. He naked 1st form?

Jay Gulunko says:

0:59 music makes me think of Naruto like if you agree

Cj Kalandek says:

So, I assume Broly will have more beef with Vegeta than Goku, seeing as his father was the one who had him exiled. Which, in the original Broly storyline, I understand Goku was the source of his trauma, but Vegeta should've been on Broly's shit list from the beginning as well. Seeing as it Vegeta's father that tried to execute him.

Ricardo Frausto says:

So where’s trailer 3 in dub?

aqeel shabir says:

Wonder when UUB will make an appearance

chad christopher says:

I am gonna cry…

Mr Singh says:

I wish Broly not die

Santiago Cando says:

I want bio-broly to return

Koozi Mafia says:

Dis shit made me cry

Tornyie Grace says:

Now let's wait for Cooler and Tarbles to become canon.

Tornyie Grace says:

All we need now is Lord Beerus giving the order to Frieza.

Tornyie Grace says:

Akira has a habit of reconning

Tornyie Grace says:

Hey where is Raditz!

Tornyie Grace says:

King Vegeta got jealous of Broly! 0:44!

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