Dragon Ball Super Movie: Broly – Dub Trailer

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The latest Dragon Ball Super movie: Broly comes to theaters in North America in January 2019 dubbed! Stay tuned for future updates of the movie about the strongest Saiyans.


Mprice98 Ultra Instinct says:

1:17 aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

Mprice98 Ultra Instinct says:

This has to be the last and final battle DB duper. Dispite all their enemies the Z fighters went up against, Broly was the baddest saiyan in all Dbz History. In the movie Goku couldn't defeat Broly, at least not on his own. He needed help from Piccolo, Trunks, Vegeta, Gohan, and Krillin by giving energy to Goku in order to defeat Broly. This makes Broly the strongest Saiyan in the universe, and why he is called the legendary super saiyan. But if goku go can Ultra Instinct he maybe able to defeat Broly with or without Vegeta's help or it could be the other way around when Vegeta plays the hero for the first time in DB Super.

Alexander Sonic says:

I'm so excited to see this movie cannot wait I'm trembling just seeing the trailer whoa!!!!!!!

DJLDJ says:

When Broly… Now Broly

Daddy.vegeta_ says:

yall really thought jiren was the mortal beerus couldnt defeat lmfao

Mares260 says:

@0:33 When someone is about to get the last slice of pizza

Antoni Mena says:

Goku, you one bad dude 💪

A K says:

goku: "vegeta what dose the scouter say about his power level!" vegeta: "its over 9000!!!!"

Isaiah Bell says:

Omg that roar from broly was just amazing

C H I C O says:

I hope Vic mignogna voices Broly!

Christopher Rodriguez says:

:31 That battle cry!!!

Anderson Dalmeus says:

Vic's poor voice. This looks even screamier than the other 3 movies put together

Michael Al-Lateef says:

I keep coming back to the 32 seconds Mark, Do it Broly!!!! I love it.


When's trailer 3 coming out in English dub???

Inder S says:

The English dub is so much better. Just make it in eng man



MightyRaptor says:

What is Broly even eating?

Nonchalant T says:

Frieza kills Paragus

XanthonyPlayz says:


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